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  1. Wykd

    DIY Rain Dome

    I figured I would put up my rain dome's. I made 3 for under 20.00 Parts: Drill with 1/4 bit or whatever you use to make small hole (heat up a phillips head screw tip and press thru even) some extra 1/4 tubing (if you bought a mister setup you should have some still, if not goto lowes...
  2. Wykd

    Comment by 'Wykd' in 'So far, the Mercury-Vapor bulb is okay'

    Its the long term impact of MV lights that worry me. They emit a great level of UVC which is known to be bad for eyes and reptile skin. Yet they are very popular so I do not know. UVC is absorbed by the atmosphere when coming from the sun, but not sure on the bulbs. I just recall stories...
  3. Wykd

    Comment by 'Wykd' in 'Mister Selection Guide'

    I have sadly tried the habba mist. The monsoon my friend has in his small dart frog setup and it works fine. I have the mistking pump but have a mixture of nozzles from aquazamp, mistking and some I got off e-bay & 3 nozzles for 15.00 isn't a bad deal! To be honest the nozzle pack I got of...
  4. Wykd

    Mister Selection Guide

    So your shopping for a mister? I will try to get info on various models instead of saying buy brand X. Zoo Med Habba Mist/Reptirain $61.99 Integrated setup, all parts are inside the mister Programmable misting unit for small terrariums Multiple nozzle applications - 2 28 oz reservoir...
  5. Wykd

    Calibrating Your Thermometer

    Thermometers should be calibrated whenever the they are dropped, before first used, and when going from one temperature extreme to another. The following will calibrate a thermometer if it uses a probe/sensor. Ice Point Method ►Fill an insulated cup with crushed ice and water. ►The cup...
  6. Wykd

    Comment by 'Wykd' in 'DIY Drain System'

    great idea, i will be using a modified version of the idea to drain my enclosures!
  7. Automate Drippers

    Automate Drippers

    This is related to the Misting Water Automation Entry. Buy a submersible pump and some air line and a air valve. Something like this: Get some 3/16 air...
  8. Misting Water Automation

    Misting Water Automation

    This includes routing thru a RO Filter Shopping list @ RO Filter - Hydro Maxx Nano 3 A low end filter that does some cleaning, which is better than nothing! But this item can be omitted if you choose. 1/4" John Guest Tubing - 20 ft. - the tubing needed to run from water...
  9. Wykd

    Drip Systems

    Drip systems are a must, be it a DIY or commerical version. Where do I place the dripper? I prefer to place the dripper hose outside the enclosure screen above the screen so that the screen will split the water drops and create a mini rain effect. It catches their eye better I think. This...
  10. Wykd

    Comment by 'Wykd' in 'temperature'

    I have found the temperature gauges even the cheap ones are pretty close to reality, however Hygrometers... no 2 ever read the same! So I posted up a "How To on Calibrating Hygrometers"
  11. Wykd

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  12. Calibrating Hygrometers

    Calibrating Hygrometers

    To calibrate a hygrometer you will need: 1/2 cup table salt approximately 1/4 cup water coffee cup hygrometer large re-sealable freezer bag 1. Place 1/2 cup of salt in the coffee cup, and add the water. Stir for a bit to totally saturate the salt (the salt won't dissolve, it will be more like...
  13. Wykd

    Comment by 'Wykd' in 'Idiots'

    lol something like this would work!
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