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  1. twinklefingers

    UVB fixture upgrade

    Yo yo yo I've been listening to Bill's podcasts. I'm excited about this one right now - which one is your favorite? So I want to upgrade my UVB situation. Current situation: Single fixture t5 10UVB I would like to upgrade to a quad (or a dual?) and add some plant lights. If I have a UVB and...
  2. twinklefingers

    Veiled Wet or Dry Shed?

    I've heard mixed reviews on whether veileds like humidity or dry air to shed. I've been operating under the assumption they are more dry-shedders, but my boy takes a while and there are usually flakes left behind. I do keep an eye on his tail and toes and eyes to make sure the shed doesn't...
  3. twinklefingers

    Hawkmoths aren't flying, eating yet [VIDEO]

    Any idea how long the newly hatched hawk moths take to start flying or eating? I have a hummingbird feeder in there, but they are not going for it. Unless I disturb them, they just chill on the screen or on sticks all day. It's been 48 hours+ for some of them. One just hatched last night...
  4. twinklefingers

    Can an 11 month old eat a hawk moth?

    First time hawk moth mom tonight. ☺ Attached pic of first moth hatched. 7 more could come now anytime. Also attached bonus pic of Khalid sleeping a couple nights ago. (The flash was an accident) These moths are the size of my finger. Khalid should be 1 year old in mid May. He is a male veiled...
  5. twinklefingers

    How to Feed Flying Food (Hawk Moths)

    Hello I've kept some phoenix/calci worms until they've turned into Black Soldier Flies (on accident) and now I am endeavoring to keep hormworms to hawk moths. My question is, how do you catch and feed flying insects to your chameleon? How do you transfer them from their cage (I plan on rearing...
  6. twinklefingers

    He feels tubby and wants to be called handsome

    Hey all. Khalid is growing up and still eats all he wants. At what point should I curb his eating? How many cricket size portions should he get at about 8 months old? Also he told me he wanted strangers on the internet to call him handsome so he had me take these fresh pix to show off his good...
  7. twinklefingers

    Climbing the screen

    Could my husbandry contribute to my chameleon climbing all over the sides of the screen? He also climbs to the floor often, but doesn't stay there. Just climbing all around almost aimlessly. He is in his 16x16x30 cage now. His 24x24x48 one is being constructed by me now; it's in the living...
  8. twinklefingers

    Plant Smells Bad

    Probably an easy question, but I have a 10" umbrella plant that smells like a urinal after a month or so of being in the cage, and having been cleaned multiple times. Anyone else notice their potted plants stink? Besides cleaning the top soil weekly, are there other solutions, observations...
  9. twinklefingers

    Get Basking Temp Up

    Hey all - Thanks for everyone's help so far. Khalid had his first vet visit yesterday and at one point the doc said things like "You've done your research! There isn't much more I can tell you." And that's because of ya'll. Whether you know you've commented in the past, or whether you've just...
  10. twinklefingers

    2019 Minnesota Chameleon Vets

    Hi all. I called all the vets in MN Metro today to see who works with chameleons and how long they've been doing so. Here's what I found: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Elm Creek Animal Hospital 327 Dean Ave E Champlin MN 55316 (763) 427-5150 M-F...
  11. twinklefingers

    What age do females begin to lay eggs?

    Hello - I am wondering at what age female chameleons begin to lay eggs and need the egg bins. Also, I am looking for a recommended vet in the Twin Cities area of MN. Thanks!
  12. twinklefingers

    Gutloading Recipes

    Hello again - I found this video On how to make gutloading icecubes, kinda. Something that you could make once and have it last a whole month. I have this resource: which I will comb through in detail, but I am wondering...
  13. twinklefingers

    Calcium and Vitamins

    Hi there, Did I understand someone correctly when they said that Repashy SuperCal LoD is all you need to dust your feeders with every day? You don't need to dust with Vitamins every 2 weeks? If you DO need to also use Vitamins, which brand do you recommend? Thanks!
  14. twinklefingers

    Where to put food bowl

    Hi again :) I am a first time cham owner and he is a young veiled. At first I put a small bowl of feeders at the bottom of the cage, for about a week. Then I used a mug for a few days before I learned how to make a 'run cup': Once I made the run cup, I put it kinda in-view of the cage door...
  15. twinklefingers

    Which Mist King?

    Hello, I am having some trouble keeping humidity up at night and want more flexibility in the timing of certain spray sessions, as well as larger storage for the water. I currently have a ReptiRain and am looking at the mist kings. My chameleon is only a few months old now, in cage smaller...
  16. twinklefingers

    New Cham Owner ^^

    Hi I’m Ray! I’m a newb cham owner but really excited to treat my new pet Khalid as best I can. I don’t have any really pressing concerns, but I am a little insecure about my lighting currently. Last week I was worried about the humidity, but I feel it is more under control now. Here’s more...
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