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  1. chameleoman

    Cheap huge sell off

    Hey everyone due to my female killing my male panther I'm giving up and selling my small collection, Local pick up only. My name is Joseph here's my number (323)767-3840 Don't waste my time only call if your seriously interested. Here's the list of what i got and the prices text me for picks if...
  2. chameleoman

    Melissa had just reached 2.5 feet!

    ditto ditto ditto. . . . . . . . .
  3. chameleoman

    PICS of Chief

    Thanks you Jann I have plans for a true blue blood line :)
  4. chameleoman

    PICS of Chief

    Yes and a giant day gecko :D
  5. chameleoman

    YIKE ! mite fright

    Anti Mite paper.
  6. chameleoman

    PICS of Chief

    Sorry for the crappy quality.
  7. chameleoman

    what is are theses dents on my head

    Looks like he burned it, or his veil was touching hot screen for a while.
  8. chameleoman

    What would be a sick breed with a Faly?

    You do know this thread is a few years old right?
  9. chameleoman

    Unaware chameleon, not knowing whats best for her?

    If she's crawling there herself then yes. No need to worry if she gets hot shell move.
  10. chameleoman

    Yellow deremensis

    Hmmmm I know nothing of this species but stress possible? Or possibly gravid? I'm just throwing out some possibilities here.
  11. chameleoman

    Bradypodion transvaalense mated!

    Well you know. .. . . . only pervs respond to these threads
  12. chameleoman

    awaiting the arrival of the petco jackson

    Hahaha its a great story hope he gets there safely!
  13. chameleoman

    I felt bad laughing at my chameleon.

    Not funny at all. You should be happy and grateful she didn't seriously injure her tongue.
  14. chameleoman

    What do the blue dots mean?

    Just his normal adult colors.
  15. chameleoman

    Chameleon Poop 101

    It was only a matter of time before this thread wad made :rolleyes:
  16. chameleoman

    Rhampholeon accuminatus

    I found a handful of people but within 3 weeks or so they tell me the acumin. Died.
  17. chameleoman

    some nice pictures....

    What kind of trees are they in? From the outside pictures.
  18. chameleoman

    New island free range for melleri

    Hahaha Nice setup but I don't think those money plants are gonna do your Meller any good :p
  19. chameleoman

    Rhampholeon accuminatus

    I'm happy right now to see so many. I've wanted these for 3+ years now but could never find them. When I did contact people there's died the week they were gonna ship them out to me.
  20. chameleoman

    What Happened to the Reptile Hobby?!

    Couldn't agree anymore.
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