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  1. Wykd

    Citrus Hypo Clearnail 100% Het Trans Dragon

    Proven Male @ 12months has 1/2 tail nip from baby (completely healed) nice looking male, good temperament, size, coloring. He head bobs and stomps soon as he see's a girl. Was going to make this my foundation male but just picked up a dunner import that I want to build around. 200.00 shipped
  2. Wykd

    Just another dragon

    Couldn't help myself and just added a male hypo dunner 50% het the mix. Time to let let one go to make room I guess. New guy comes from strong bloodlines WDD & Jela's. I will pair him with my rainbow tiger girl down the road. I need to get better pix of the girl, she really shines when...
  3. Wykd

    New Bearded

    Well been working on this lil dude's home off and on this week in anticipation of his arrival. I did barely get it finished before he arrived, but still want to let it all cure a cpl more days before setup and moving him in. The little dude is 8" and is a red leather hypo het from...
  4. Wykd

    Important Link - FedEx - Bookmark Worthy Service alert notices from FedEx in case you are shipping and or receiving shipments. Would not want your precious cargo to get delayed in transit, so always check before you schedule a delivery! I dislike FedEx but since SYR uses them...
  5. Wykd

    Cham's For Sale Ambanja Female & Tamatave Male

    both sold - sorry and thanks for looking
  6. Wykd

    The Secret World - Video Game - Not Chameleon Related

    If anyone is a online gamer check the game out, its a nice twist to mmo's etc... out there and yet its flying under the radar pretty much. Being a old gamer and ex-game developer I find it pretty well done!
  7. Wykd

    Some Time Outside Today

    CoCo is growing up nicely she has some interesting colors I think! Little Pennywise, just likes to get his drink on all the time! He also thinks he is a hunting dog, and likes to point at things. Mars was not to impressed though he just wanted to warm up and relax.
  8. Wykd

    What to Name Him?

    Another pick a name thread! A new family member arrived today! I picked this up from FastedMclintock, he was heading back to college and could not take him. He is a 14 month old ambilobe male whose sire is Kammer's "Soa-poaka". I was thinking: Mars - the red planet and this is a big red...
  9. Wykd

    DIY Rain Domes

    I figured I would put up my rain dome's. I made 3 for under 20.00 Parts: Drill with 1/4 bit or whatever you use to make small hole (heat up a phillips head screw tip and press thru even) some extra 1/4 tubing (if you bought a mister setup you should have some still, if not goto lowes Hot Glue...
  10. Wykd

    So my Daughter says We Need to Talk

    I was coming in from mowing earlier today and my daughter come over and says "We need to talk dad", she is only 5 by the way. So I hold back a chuckle and sit down since she was so serious looking. She was kind enough to let me move the cham enclosures out of the family room and into her play...
  11. Wykd

    My Tamatave @ 4months

    Pennywise was overly active this morning and pacing back in forth in front of the door, so I went for the camera.
  12. Wykd

    W0W That Was Quick!

    Banshee just got here yesterday, I went in at lunch to check on the cham's. I couldn't find her anyplace. She wasnt up in a plant on a branch and not in her enclosure based laying bin. So I look around some more slowly and she was climbing out of a small hole on the back side of the umbrella...
  13. Wykd

    New Female Arrived

    I named her Banshee because she came tearing out of the bag hissing and posing! It caught me by surprise, I thought maybe I got shipped a snake by accident the way she came shooting out of the bag. She is the replacement WC female Faly that Jim sent after Havana did not make it.
  14. Wykd

    OMG Freaked Out!

    I came in from mowing to check the cham's before lights out and this is what I found in Havana's enclosure. Havana is our new Female Nosy Faly adult, she is WC but had been doing fine and was pretty active. There is some blood on her tongue and a little bit was on the back of the cricket...
  15. Wykd

    Havana our Female Faly

    Just a few pix of Havana, she is not very keen on the camera and makes a run for the pothos when she see's it coming. She is a WC Nosy Faly adult female from Jim @ Chameleon Co. She's a big girl though!
  16. Wykd

    So Pissed Right Now!

    We were broke into last night. I heard a loud thud around midnight but when i got up i said damn cat, and went back to bed. Went down to the garage this morning and turns out it wasn't the cat. :mad: They must of been pretty quiet for the most part because they got off with a new...
  17. Wykd

    Trash Can Laying Bin Questions

    I have watched the video and looked up posts refering to laying bins but still have a couple questions since my girl is approaching 6 months fast and I want to make sure I am doing this part right since it will be an on going process from here out. trash can laying bin method When do you...
  18. Wykd

    Replacing Bamboo Branches

    I decided to start replacing the bamboo in my enclosures because I have noticed they will go around anything but the skinny branches completely. I assume its the smooth/hard texture and nothing their claws could attach to good enough. I never seen any fall or slip etc.. but just noticed they...
  19. Wykd

    This is Why I Hate FedEX

    I have been tracking a package with FE that was supposed to been here tues. Its at the local place and has been out for delivery on the truck since tuesday. Tuesday @ 5pm i get an e-mail from fedex that they could not make the delivery due to weather, so they did not attempt delivery...
  20. Wykd

    Desktop Free Range

    I was bored at lunch and missed the cham's beside my desk so.... CoCo & PW taking turns on walkabout! PW is almost done with a 3.5month old shed.
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