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  1. BocaJan

    Terrariums, screen tops, fixtures all sizes s. Fl.

  2. BocaJan

    Cricket Scoop and Long Tweezers

    I am selling a cricket scoop and Long Tweezers. I would prefer to sell them together but I might sell them separately. The items and box would be 1 lb to mail. If interested please email me at: [email protected] and I will give you a shipping price. PLEASE do not contact me at...
  3. BocaJan

    Butterfly cages perfect for new babies

    When I was breeding chameleons I used these butterfly cages when feeding my neonates fruit flies because the flies can't escape the mesh! They were great! I have 8 used, no tears in the mesh and the zippers are great and intact. I have washed them, but you may want to redo the washing with a...
  4. BocaJan

    Solarmeter 6.2

    SOLD The best on the market for measuring UVB from your bulbs. No matter what you think you never know what your bulb is putting out, 6 months or even brand new! This comes in a nice case. The unit doesn't wear out although you can send them in to get them reconfigured if you think it is off...
  5. BocaJan

    So. Fla. Cages, uvb bulbs, nanos p.u. Only

    As you may or may not know I am going out of the breeding business. I am still going to hatch out all my panther eggs over the next year or so ( I have one clutch that is now a healthy 1 month and looking great!), but am selling off all the adult housing supplies. I am giving my friends on the...
  6. BocaJan

    3 Ambilobes to be sold together PICS PICS PICS

    I am starting with 2 females and a male, perfect for someone who wants to start a small business. The females have both had one healthy clutch (the eggs haven't hatched yet, but they are nice and white and doing well. The male is robust and sexy. They are all in their winter mode. The girls...
  7. BocaJan

    REPTIFOGGER by ZooMed New and in the box

    I am moving and selling out my business. This is a new unused Reptifogger. I am including pics of how I use mine for hydrate 3 cages. The same process can be used for 4 cages. My chams really love it and will sit under it for hours. They will even catch drips when water pools on the screen and...
  8. BocaJan

    Moving-Must sell all chams and stuff

    I am starting with 2 females and a male, perfect for someone who wants to start a small business. The females have both had one healthy clutch (the eggs haven't hatched yet, but they are nice and white and doing well. The male is robust and sexy. They are all in their winter mode. The girls...
  9. BocaJan

    Ambanja male 1.5 years

    I have a nice blue with red bars Ambanja that I'm selling. He is healthy, eats well and will come out of his cage and climb on you. He has had a fecal and has no parasites. He was purchased from Lonestar Chameleons. Price is $350 plus shipping. Please contact me at...
  10. BocaJan

    Rescue male veiled with short tail free to good home

    This fella is about 1.5 years old. He is strong and healthy..ready for the ladies. I got him as a rescue from someone who didn't want a cham with the short tail and have been keeping him for almost a year. I currently am experiencing an explosion of hatchlings and need the space. If you...
  11. BocaJan

    Christmas veiled babies for sale now

    I have both male and female baby veileds. Eating well, shedding and the perfect size. FedEx shipped overnight with heat pack if needed. $35 + shipping. Send your zip to [email protected] for shipping cost. I will be sending them out this week so don't wait! Pictures upon...
  12. BocaJan

    SALE-Thanksgiving special veiled babies

    I have 5 babies left from a clutch and need to rehome them before the next batch needs bigger cages. $35 each plus $40 for overnight shipping and heat pack if needed. This pick is one of the 5. They all flash colors from time to time and Sire is Merlin the Magnificient.
  13. BocaJan

    Baby veiled overstock sale

    I hope that got your attention. I have 16 baby veileds that are 3 months old and really need a new home. Shipping is $35 and I will consider any reasonable offer. They can't be mated, but if you want more then one I will do a 2 fer. I will reply to all offers. You can reply to me via...
  14. BocaJan

    FOR SALE 11 week Veiled babies - M & F

    $35 plus shipping Contact me at [email protected]
  15. BocaJan

    AMBILOBE-10 months old and ready

    This fella had done the deed with 2 of my females who have produced perfect eggs. He is the last of this clutch that I will sell. $275 + $50 shipping If you are interested let me know and I will give you my PayPal addy.
  16. BocaJan

    Meet Elton

    This is my Ambanja Elton. He is really a blue boy and I think he's great! He is almost a year old now and has met his first receptive lady. He performed admirably and will go for day 2 tomorrow because I didn't exactly see the event, only the bobbing, clutching and submissive behavior of the...
  17. BocaJan

    FOR SALE: Female verrucosus

    One 4.5 month old female. Is eating well and is a little shy but doesn't panic when I pick her up to clean her cage. Is from a wild caught female and is healthy. Is the sister of the male I have for sale. $60 plus $35 shipping
  18. BocaJan

    FOR SALE: Verrucosus-male

    If I have made a mistake in sexing my verrucosus, please let me know. One 4.5 month old male starting to show some color. Is eating well and is really starting to grow. Is from a wild caught female and is healthy and curious. I have been able to bring him out of his cage on my finger, but don't...
  19. BocaJan

    Herman, my developing blue bar ambilobe

    This is my 7 month old ambilobe hatched from eggs from a wc mother. He is really turning out great! He is so sweet. Every time I open his door he climbs out on the door, then comes out on my hand and loves to check out the ladies but so far isn't interested in mating. Go figure. His brother...
  20. BocaJan

    FOR SALE: 3 young verrucosus

    I have 1 male and 2 females about 3 inches long. The male is coloring up green when asleep. These guys start out as teeny tiny and grow slowly until they get to be about 6-9 months, then start getting big. They are starting to show their colors and their points on their back. They are very shy...
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