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  1. Goldenarcher1328

    Basic Chameleon Information 11-18

    Common Name: Helmeted Chameleon Scientific Name: Chamaeleo hoehnelii Maximum Size: 10 Inches Life Span: 5-8 Years Sexual Maturity: 5 Months Egg Layer: [N] Litters Per Year: 1-2 Litter Size: 14-26 babies Pregnancy Time: 5 Months Common Name: Johnston's Chameleon Scientific Name: Chamaeleo...
  2. Goldenarcher1328

    Basic Chameleon Information 1-10

    Information is gathered from many sources including personal knowledge, books, internet resources and forum members. If your have a species that you would like me to add to these lists, send me a private message containing the common and scientific names of the species. Thanks! - Dan, Aka...
  3. Goldenarcher1328

    Chameleon Information.

    Dear Readers, I am compiling basic information on chameleons for all to see. However, i need help from anyone and everyone willing to send me their data concerning chameleons. Our knowledge and understanding of chameleons is constantly changing and evolving and therefore data may need to be...
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