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  1. twinklefingers

    Comment by 'twinklefingers' in 'Intro to Bio-Activity'

    W O W You *have time* to *write* this?? All hail. The layout and just everything... it's beyond goals. THANK YOU
  2. twinklefingers

    Comment by 'twinklefingers' in 'An Up-To-Date Husbandry Form'

    Hi @TonyaAdams I didn't really have any pix of my own chameleon at the time, and besides, I think the picture is cool. Their skeletons are cool! I'd have thought their veil was cartalidge, but I read somewhere that they may actually use that bone to 'hear' deep sound vibrations, kinda like an...
  3. 2019 Minnesota Chameleon Vets

    2019 Minnesota Chameleon Vets

    Information gathered 9/6/2019: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Elm Creek Animal Hospital 327 Dean Ave E Champlin MN 55316 (763) 427-5150 M-F 8-6pm Saturday 8–12pm Sunday Closed Dr. Reierson, 43yrs, Wednesdays - beginning to retire and training new...
  4. Khalid Shed

    Khalid Shed

    First shed in my care: 7/27, lasted a couple days Shed once more in between 9/5/19-9/6/19 On 9/27, he started shedding one leg and by 9/29 was finished. The last time he shed, he shed just one leg first. Then a couple days later, the rest would go. It's 10/6 and Khalid looks like the final...
  5. An Up-To-Date Husbandry Form

    An Up-To-Date Husbandry Form

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - He is a veiled chameleon named Khalid. I got him on 7/21/19 at a local reptile Expo from Captive Bred Specialties. The seller told me he was 10 weeks old at the time of purchase. That would put his birthday at May 12th, 2019. It's early February now, so he...
  6. Khalid Updates

    Khalid Updates

    A log of activities and behaviors of my velied chameleon Khalid.
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