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    Eye lump

    Hi, For the past few months my panther has had this smallish lump on one of his eyes, although initially it was worrying it didn't seem to get any bigger or seem to be affecting him so I just left it alone and kept a eye on it. I have now noticed it seems to of changed slightly almost...
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    T5 6% or 12%

    Hi all I recently made another order to one of my regular online suppliers and like the previous time I ordered a couple weeks back they got my order wrong, I had ordered the t5 6% as the light is mounted inside his wooden viv but they have sent a t5 12% and told me it will be fine for...
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    Basking dome Mesh insert

    Hi guys Does anybody know where I can get one of these from because I'm sure you used to be able to buy them, or if anyone has a suggestion for making one? This is a picture of one I took in a pet shop Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Panther shed

    Hey guys Not sure if its something to be concerned about but for 2 or more weeks (after he did a 3/4 shed) he has had what looks like unshed skin on his head, on one side of his body, tail and the odd tiny tiny hang off bits on his legs, for the past couple of days I have been upping the...
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    Bug burger

    Hey guys Just recently bought repashys bug burger, it has been something I have been eyeballing for a while to make gut loading much easier for me and I have just tried making my first batch and I'm not sure if I have done it right/got the consistency right. I generally tried following the...
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    Hand burns

    Hi all, Whilst at work on Saturday my parents said they had found my panther Cham holding onto his basking dome with all 4 hands and initially it didn't look like any damage was done but I noticed his hands today and I am wondering if this is something that I will need to keep monitoring or...
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    Hey, I have been looking around a lot online for a new digital hygrometer and there is a lot of choice, but before committing to buying yet another one that's rubbish I wanted to ask your opinions on which have the easiest sensor to install in the tank and are the most reliable/accurate.
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    Panther chameleon waste

    Hi all, Probably should of looked for an answer for this a bit sooner but it has not caused any noticeable health problems and has been going on for a while but I have been monitoring it since it was first noticed. Is it normal or does anybody else's cham's from time to time have like a...
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    Using reptaid with drinking water?

    Hey guys If you was going to add your reptaid to your chams drinking water how much would you add? The amount I am putting in in-comparison to the water added I am unsure whether he will receive any actual treatment. The amount of reptiaid being used is based on his rough weight.
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    Few general questions

    Hi all, - First off I have a ambilobe approx 7/8 months old and have recently (couple of weeks ago) put him in a 30" high reptibreeze ATM I have one of the new 5% euro tubes with a reflector but have ordered a 10% euro because its sat on top of the screen that's alright isn't it? - for...
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    What locale?

    Hi all, This morning I purchased my first panther cham from a petshop in town, and she is a lovely cham and very friendly, but unfortunatly they didnt know what locale she was so was just wondering could anyone offer any insights? her base colour is mainly peachy/pink, but sometimes does also...
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