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    UV light ? Screen caging ?

    sorry i ask questions never again
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    Adult Nosy be male 1 1/2 yrs old TOP NOTCH BLOODLINE

    We hate to do this but with work load changes we wont have time to start a project on these gems so im letting him go. All others have been sold. Nosy be male adult from kalideascope chameleons sire BOB Eating crickets. Picture is from who we got him from and if at a fired up state...
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    Adult Ambilobe male from Tmaxxx sire

    Adult Ambilobe male from Tmaxxx sire And Nosy be male adult I have an ambilobe male approx 1 1/2 yrs old from screameleons sire Tmaxxx He dont fit into our plans so im offering him up for sale cheap. Asking $250 plus s/h Paypal and credit cards accepted Pic is him really fired up...
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    Brand NEW screen cages LG Med sizes. Cheaper than new

    We have a few brand new never used screen cages from LLL and all are silver in color. We had added black knobs to all for easy opening. We dont need them so im offering them up for sale less than what was paid. They can be shipped in box's their came in. QTY 2 - 48X24X24 SILVER $70 EA "1 has...
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    Lighting/heating fixtures from DIY CAGES

    Hello all im looking for feed back if anyone uses DIY CAGES lighting fixtures. I see the bulbs screw in from the side which made me wonder if you can get enought basking temps instead of using a spot bulb. Also they dont make a dual fixture which has heating and UV lighting in one so does anyone...
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    other than color how do you tell the locals apart ?

    I'm looking for info on telling the differences between the panther locals such as ambilobe , nosy be etc other than coloration. Ive noticed a lot of ambanjas look like nosy be's Thanks
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    Will Trade New Cages or Racks for Panther Chameleons

    Hello, were looking to trade our caging for your Panther chameleons. looking for all panther locals- Must be of good lineage.Sire and Dams sire pictures must be provided or if you know the name of the breeder you got it from what was the sires name. Were interested in anything from...
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    Rolling Aluminum Stands for Chameleon cages (Feedback) requested

    Hello guys were looking for some feedback here to see if this is worth us moving foward on. First off we are a reptile caging company many of you may already know of us as Repti-racks. Were also have a passion for Panther chameleons and the biggest part of keeping them for us was the proper set...
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    DIY cage just arrived! Our Feedback

    Well we decided to order a cage from DIY cages and give them a try. After placing the order we had a tracking number that evening. The next day it was shipped. Arrived to us in a well packed box and everything looked good. After inspecting it i was quite impressed with the quaility of the...
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    UV lighting whats your take which is good or not

    We have heard a few thing about UV lighting for panthers and want to here some more views on these below and what most use Uv sprial compact bulbs 2.0 and 5.0 Zoomed 5.0 flourscent tubs Mercury vapor bulbs "Mega ray"
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    High tech Incubator Design at low cost

    Just sharing some pic of a incubator we designed and have put to use. Bottom starts off with PVC pipe fitted around the bottom and wrapped with zoomed heat cable . Next level is egg crate and that stainless steel water pans 3 of them. Middle pan has a air stone in it attached to a air pump...
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    Heat bulb position in a fixture

    I see their are 2 types of heat lamp fixtures out their the dome style which allow you to use spot bulbs to focus more heat downward and the combo type that you cant use a spot bulb only a standard light bulb and dont direct heat downwards as good due to it mounting sideways in the fixture...
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    Panther egg spacing affecting how many hatch when !

    Have any of you guys ever witnessed or tested eggs spacing and it being a factor to how far apart each egg will take to hatch. Either 1 at a time or all or most. We keep ours about 1/2" apart but have alos tried 1/4" apart. Thanks
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