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    Suning Question

    How warm should I it be before I start putting my Veiled outside for some sun? This past week it has been unusually warm here so it is in the mid 70s. I put her outside for about an hour today but it was really windy so I brought her back it. Will
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    Basking heat at 105°

    This thread has been very helpful, I have a veiled that is about 4-5 months old. I have her basking spot at about 90-95 most of the time and she spends all day in her basking area. I felt that I shouldn't increase the temp but after reading this it sounds like it will not hurt for me to...
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    Thkning about bamboo???

    No problem I do the exact same thing most of the time, doesn't matter if it is late or not. Thanks for the information. Will
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    Thkning about bamboo???

    Jordan, I am a little confused by the above statement, I think you are saying... There are 5 varieties that are edible non toxic but get to 100'. The South American varieties are Toxic... is this right? Do you have a list/link of the toxic/non toxic ones? I think Bamboo would look...
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    How often for Shedding?

    I have had my Veiled at my house since the 1st of January, and this past weekend was the 2nd time she shed since I brought her home. Is this normal for a Veiled that is 4-5 months old, I am not positive on the age but she seams to be the same size as others of that age and still has very little...
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    is my cham retarded

    I watched mine one day and she would look all around then look where her foot was, it took her like 10 min to get her one foot moved to the next branch. It is fun to just watch her navigate the cage. Will
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    Digital Ther/Hygro Dual probe

    So you have 1 temp reading? In that case you could mount the unit anywhere, I would put the temp probe near the basking area as that is the most crucial temp in my opinion. I would place the Humidity probe away from the basking area as that will be significantly different then where the high...
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    New Contest Phase?

    After reading all of the previous suggestions I think the best option is 2 votes, one for finalist and one for winner. This would eliminate people saying "Why wasn't my photo selected..." I do see this causing more work for you (Brad) but seems to be the best option. I also think the idea of...
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    Digital Ther/Hygro Dual probe

    I assume your system is like mine where it has a probe for temp and measures the Humidity and temp at the unit. If that is the case I placed the unit on the opposite side of the basking area, then place the probe between the Basking light and the Cage. This allows me to see what the two...
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    Green beans, broccoli?

    Looks like Broccoli is also high in oxates, here is a site that list some nutritional information about many fruits/veggies. It is a Iguana site by the nutritional info shouldn't change. I have also read else where to avoid broccoli, however according...
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    Cricket size question

    That is what i wanted to hear, thanks for the information. Hopefully 3/8 is the right size if not I will know for next time. Will
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    Cricket size question

    I just ordered my 1st batch of 1000 crickets but was a little uncertain on the size. If I order 3/8" how much are they going to grow over the 5-6 weeks it takes for me to use them? I don't want to end up with a bunch that are too big at the end but I also don't want to have really small ones...
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    FYI CricketFactory

    Just placed an order on eBay and right after I finished I recieved an email from eBay saying the Auction was canceled. So I called CricketFactor and talked to Dan the Owner, apparently eBay has decieded to cancel all of his auctions. Dan did get my payment via Paypal and will ship it out...
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    I want a cham!

    The other thing to watch out for with the cats is the Crickets, last night my cat saw the crickets in the plastic box and decided they would be fun to play with. So she climed on top where the screen was siliconed to the lid, the screen didn't hold. Luckily I heard her and got her out before...
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    Cricket gutload: Using dog kibble?

    From what I have read there is a couple reasons not to use Kibble: 1) Most dog foods use filler (ie Corn) which provide no nutritional value 2) Dog food is very high in Fat Wish I could find the sites I got this info from, I think has some of this info in one of their...
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    Ficus Pumila?

    I just bought a Creeping Fig yesterday and wanted to make sure it was an ok Plant. I searched through all of the toxic listing and other then the Sap being an irritant didn't see any thing else about the Ficus Family. Are all plants in the Ficus Family ok? **EDIT: Nevermind I found the...
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    New Veil Cham Owner

    Figured I would post picture so everyone could see her. Haven't decided on a name yet still can't think of a good one. My cat decided to get on the book shelf the Cham is on to see what was there. Don't think either of them noticed the other before my wife caught the cat. Any ways here are...
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    New Veil Cham Owner

    Well my wife got me a chameleon for xmas, I had been saying I wanted one for a few months. I didn't think she would actually get me one so I didn't get to do my normal reasearching, so now I have a few questions. Cham Info: Female, young (about 6" with tail, not sure on exact age), eats...
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