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    Other animals in screen cages?

    So I have a decent sized screen cage left over from when before i built my own cage for my veiled. Anyone know any other animals that can live in screen cages? Doesn't need to be a reptile. But I'd like to try something different in this cage.
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    Help please, Possible issue?

    Hey all, today I did my usual routine, woke up and turned on my chams lights and everything then gave her 15-20 minutes to wake up and get situated before the first mist / feeding and all that good stuff. When I went to the cage to mist her, she had a lot of brown on her, she is almost always...
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    too fat?

    My cham. eats like a horse, however many crickets and/or worms i throw in there will be gone pretty shortly. Lately i've been noticing that when she is walking on her vines she is much clumsier and flips upside down sometimes. She hasent fallen or anything but she will flip upside down on the...
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    Question about breeding.

    I'm still pretty new to the cham world, I'm not thinking about breeding now or anything, but I totally think I would in the future. How difficult is it to breed veiled's? I don't need any in depth blogs or anything, I'll od more research when i'd like to start doing it but i'm just looking for...
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    Random Chillin' and Eating pics :)

    This is my favorite pic. just hangin :) Diving in! Yum Cricket Looks like shes smoking a cricket cigar lol.
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    Yum Crickets :) Pics

    Vlad eating crickets from the bowl :)
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    Dehydration question

    Hey everyone, I've had my veiled for a little over a month now and she is great. Only thing is, I never see her drink all that much, ill see her lick her face and stuff after I sprawy down the cage, and she will stand right there and hang out in my mist as longer as im far back enough so its...
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    Vladamir's First Shed!!!

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    Added more vines and stuff, Look good? Pics

    My last pic, this giant new cage looked kind of empty. Hows this look :)
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    eating issue.

    So my cham is in her new big cage, and the crickets are in there running around, mostly on the bottom or in the plants and leaves. I feel like she can't readily find them if she's hungery, but she also hasent really tried so maybe she will hunt when she's ready. Is it normal for the crickets...
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    Vladamir's New House!!! Pics!

    Finished building it today and so far is looks like lil Vlad loves it!!! At least I hope so. Here are a few pics, let me know what you all think!! You can see her crawling on the twine in that last pic :)
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    How does my baby look? Pics inside.

    Had her for about a week now, and being that i'm a new Cham owner, I just wanted to make sure all of her legs and eyes and everything were in the right place. Here are a couple of pics I just too of her while I cleaned her cage and she hung out on her Pothos plant in the shower...
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    Opinions on my baby please!

    Help with opinions on my baby please, Pics inside! I've had a couple posts about basic care and everything, I just wanted ot throw up a couple pictures of my little baby who I've had a week now and make sure everyone says she looks healthy and everything. I'm paranoid being new to chameleons :/...
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    Calcium Powder Help!!

    So I have my calcium with D3, I have my multi vitamins, and no pet stores near me have just plain old calcium powder. Petsmart, petco and all the non chain stores don't have plain calcium. They told me to go to the local vitamin store and get calcium tablets, and crush them up. Is this ok to...
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    New Veiled Owner; Experienced Owners please look :)

    Hey everyone, I stumbled upon these forums and thought it was awesome. I recently got my first Veiled and wanted to reach out to the pro's just to make sure I'm doing everything correctly from my prior research. First off, my baby's name is Vladamir, It's a girl :/ ... I was set on the...
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