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    Suning Question

    How warm should I it be before I start putting my Veiled outside for some sun? This past week it has been unusually warm here so it is in the mid 70s. I put her outside for about an hour today but it was really windy so I brought her back it. Will
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    How often for Shedding?

    I have had my Veiled at my house since the 1st of January, and this past weekend was the 2nd time she shed since I brought her home. Is this normal for a Veiled that is 4-5 months old, I am not positive on the age but she seams to be the same size as others of that age and still has very little...
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    Cricket size question

    I just ordered my 1st batch of 1000 crickets but was a little uncertain on the size. If I order 3/8" how much are they going to grow over the 5-6 weeks it takes for me to use them? I don't want to end up with a bunch that are too big at the end but I also don't want to have really small ones...
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    FYI CricketFactory

    Just placed an order on eBay and right after I finished I recieved an email from eBay saying the Auction was canceled. So I called CricketFactor and talked to Dan the Owner, apparently eBay has decieded to cancel all of his auctions. Dan did get my payment via Paypal and will ship it out...
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    Ficus Pumila?

    I just bought a Creeping Fig yesterday and wanted to make sure it was an ok Plant. I searched through all of the toxic listing and other then the Sap being an irritant didn't see any thing else about the Ficus Family. Are all plants in the Ficus Family ok? **EDIT: Nevermind I found the...
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    New Veil Cham Owner

    Well my wife got me a chameleon for xmas, I had been saying I wanted one for a few months. I didn't think she would actually get me one so I didn't get to do my normal reasearching, so now I have a few questions. Cham Info: Female, young (about 6" with tail, not sure on exact age), eats...
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