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    Other animals in screen cages?

    So I have a decent sized screen cage left over from when before i built my own cage for my veiled. Anyone know any other animals that can live in screen cages? Doesn't need to be a reptile. But I'd like to try something different in this cage.
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    Help please, Possible issue?

    Hey everyone, sorry for the non-response. Haven't had internet and I decided to go the the Vet. just to be safe. We're all good now!
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    Help please, Possible issue?

    Hey all, today I did my usual routine, woke up and turned on my chams lights and everything then gave her 15-20 minutes to wake up and get situated before the first mist / feeding and all that good stuff. When I went to the cage to mist her, she had a lot of brown on her, she is almost always...
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    too fat?

    she is about 5 months, And I've read a lot of the blogs on here so i know how to balance the 3 different types of supplements, basking temps and all that. I really think i've just been over feeding her because I wanted her to be fat and happy :). I'll cut down on the amount of food I give her...
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    too fat?

    My cham. eats like a horse, however many crickets and/or worms i throw in there will be gone pretty shortly. Lately i've been noticing that when she is walking on her vines she is much clumsier and flips upside down sometimes. She hasent fallen or anything but she will flip upside down on the...
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    Some of My Other Pets! = )

    Awesome! I had snakes all growing up from when i was like 8 till about 2 years ago at 21 when i swapped to lizards. Ball pythons, Cali. Kings "My Fav" , Red tail Boa, and some little gardener snakes. As for those spiders, i'll pass on them as a pet :) I have enough in my room living in the...
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    Question about breeding.

    I'm still pretty new to the cham world, I'm not thinking about breeding now or anything, but I totally think I would in the future. How difficult is it to breed veiled's? I don't need any in depth blogs or anything, I'll od more research when i'd like to start doing it but i'm just looking for...
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    Random Chillin' and Eating pics :)

    that stinks :/. Mine literally runs to her cup before i even finish securing it on a branch. And if I'm late with the crickets, she will sit on the cup and just stare until I get some in there.
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    Random Chillin' and Eating pics :)

    This is my favorite pic. just hangin :) Diving in! Yum Cricket Looks like shes smoking a cricket cigar lol.
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    Best drainage set up for the bottom of the cage.

    I have slate on the bottom. very easy to clean and drain.
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    Yum Crickets :) Pics

    Haha yay! Does he ever have problems with the clear glass? I had to color the outside of my container so Vlad didn't shoot his tongue at the outside!
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    Yum Crickets :) Pics

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    just making sure she is ok. she keeps her mouth a little open sometimes

    Had the same problem for the first couple days. Lower the temps a little bit and it should fix.
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    Yum Crickets :) Pics

    Fresh shed too, so nice and green and shiny
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    Yum Crickets :) Pics

    Vlad eating crickets from the bowl :)
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    Dehydration question

    Hey everyone, I've had my veiled for a little over a month now and she is great. Only thing is, I never see her drink all that much, ill see her lick her face and stuff after I sprawy down the cage, and she will stand right there and hang out in my mist as longer as im far back enough so its...
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    Massive sperm plug and possible minor infection

    I'm not sure whats wrong at all.... But your Cham is amazing
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    Vladamir's First Shed!!!

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    Added more vines and stuff, Look good? Pics

    I have my basking light propped up about an 1 1/2 inches off of the screen, The screen is cool to the touch and the bulb is only 60 watt which hardly puts off any heat. I'll make sure I keep an eye on it though.
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    Added more vines and stuff, Look good? Pics

    My last pic, this giant new cage looked kind of empty. Hows this look :)
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