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  1. Boygeorge27

    Christmas present

    My fiance got me this broch for christmas I love it
  2. Boygeorge27

    Bad mumma award goes to me

    So last night I was doing the normal routine in the reptiles vivs got distracted as my 4yr old niece came round then this afternoon got a call from my partner to say I'd left boy George's viv open he had got out and was basking in the sun by our French doors our German Sheppard was in the room...
  3. Boygeorge27

    What a beauty

    My local reptile store has this boy for sale :love: :love:
  4. Boygeorge27

    Did he miss us?

    Weve just got back from a weeks holiday away we had someone stay here while we were away and the reptiles routine was exactly the same as what we would normally do. How ever boy George was really inactive (which is not like him at all) and didn't eat while we were gone the person staying here...
  5. Boygeorge27


    Goat sitting while the owners are away :love:
  6. Boygeorge27

    We've had him 3years today

    Hes changed so much :love::love::love:
  7. Boygeorge27

    Snapchat thinks hes a dog

    Shere khan
  8. Boygeorge27

    Changing colour

    Hes growing up way too fast bottom pic is off him when we first got him a year ago and top pic is him now
  9. Boygeorge27

    Spot the frog

  10. Boygeorge27


    Just wondering if limescale residue can be left on chameleons bodies. Is buying bottled water better? Thanks
  11. Boygeorge27

    My boys

    Boy George and Shere Khan
  12. Boygeorge27

    Cricket bite

    Hi does this look like a cricket bite?
  13. Boygeorge27

    My boy is growning up

    Seems like a life time ago he was once that small:love:
  14. Boygeorge27

    1st trip outside

    He loves being outside :love:
  15. Boygeorge27

    Love my too boy's

    How cute are these 2:love:
  16. Boygeorge27

    How to introduce fruit and veggies

    Hi I was wondering how everyone got there chams to eat fruit and veggies.
  17. Boygeorge27

    New addition

    We lost bagheera last July after only a short time of us having him but he made a huge impact on us. Seeing his tank so empty and looking sad so we decided to get a new baby so here he is meet Shere Khan
  18. Boygeorge27

    Hi need advice about my ball python

    He it's Oscar feeding day (dead mouse) he got the mouse in his mouth constricted round it abit then let go and went back in his cave. We think he might be due to shed could this be why he let go of the mouse thank you
  19. Boygeorge27

    Is this plant safe

    Anyone know if this plant is chameleon and red eyed tree frog safe?
  20. Boygeorge27

    Dubia breeding

    Found a few of these little guys in our dubia roache tub are they babies? pic are not very clear but the best I could get
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