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  1. ponders

    US 5 month old ambilobe panther for sale

    Male ambilobe panther for sale. $225 plus shipping or free pickup in Los Angeles area.
  2. ponders

    US Ambilobe panthers for sale -Los Angeles area for pickup

    I have 3 female ambilobe for sale. $100 each if you can pick them up this week. They are about 3-4 months old and growing fast. I am selling them for a friend in the hospital. Here are photos of the sire and photos of the babies available. I will have more available after the new year.
  3. ponders

    Juvenile quadricornis quadricornis

  4. ponders

    US Hold back male quadricornis quadricornis

    My last male, 4 months old. Easy species to keep, likes water and cool temps at night. Last picture is the father.
  5. ponders

    Small Silkworms available

    I hatched way too many Silkworms! Small size, 100 for $7.00 plus USPS priority shipping. Can ship Monday thru Wednesday
  6. ponders

    Baby quads getting big

    These guys are getting big, almost ready to go to new homes. Their dad is the photo contest winner pictured this month.
  7. ponders

    Babies! Quad quads hatching

  8. ponders

    Medium-Large silkworms available

    I have way too many medium silkworms. Eating way too much! $5 for 25ish If you are local send me a PM
  9. ponders

    Mr. Melancholy

  10. ponders

    New Cristifer baby

    Here is my new baby from ActionJackson. Thanks Craig, I look forward to watching him grow into a mini parson!
  11. ponders

    Cranky quad quad dislikes my phone

  12. ponders

    Old man deremensis

    Took his picture today, can't help but notice he is flipping me off!
  13. ponders

    Passionate baby

  14. ponders

    Baby pictures

    I'm babysitting some 37! veileds for 10 days. Thought you all would enjoy some pictures! Who can resist babies?
  15. ponders

    Holdback male quad quadricornis

    I have one male left from this years clutch. He is growing quickly. I won't have any more until next year. 4 1/2 months old. $200 plus shipping or local pick up in Los Angeles.
  16. ponders

    Holdback female quad quadricornis

    I have one female available from this years clutch. She is a beast and growing quickly. I won't have any more until next year. 4 1/2 months old. $200 plus shipping or local pick up in Los Angeles.
  17. ponders

    T. quadricornis quadricornis males available

    4 month old, males ready for new homes. Pictures are babies available and father and mother. $200 plus shipping or local pickup in Los Angeles area. Quadricornis are hardy montane species that due well with lots of water and temps from 45-80. They enjoy nighttime temperature drops.
  18. ponders

    Johnstoni in the sun

    This is my little cb johnstoni from the 2017 calendar, who is all grown up now, although I think his horns will continue to get longer.
  19. ponders

    Quadricornis quadricornis pair displaying

    The male is a WC, and the female is a second generation from my line. The male is displaying to an uninterested female, but after all his head shaking and showing off, she changes her mind:love: Notice how she is dark brown in first picture, but starts turning green on her legs and continues to...
  20. ponders

    CBB t. Quadricornis quadricornis female

    Letting go of my hold back female. She was quite yellow as a baby, so expect some beautiful colors from her. 5 months old. $175 plus shipping or local pickup in Los Angeles.
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