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  1. BbyK4y

    RIP Turbo

    Today I came home to one, out of my two, month old, Baby Blue Bar Ambilobe Panther chameleons dead [emoji17] It looks as if he tried to eat a cricket that I'm assuming was too big and choked. Crickets just grow too fast and I'm so upset one took this little ones life. I still have my other one...
  2. BbyK4y

    Baby Blue Bar Ambilobe's

    I purchased two Ambilobe's this weekend and I was curious of what sex they could be. I wanted a male and if I got two I wanted male and female. I was sure I had one of each until I saw them puffed up at each other and both looked either similar with their necks being bright red and than later...
  3. BbyK4y

    Few week old Blue Bar Ambilobe Panthers!

    I recently got two unsexed baby blue bar ambilobe panther chameleons. I was hoping for a male thats how I ended up with two of them. I read how to sex them by the beginning of their tail but I just can't tell. I haven't had luck with a female chameleon in the past, she became egg bound and...
  4. BbyK4y

    Chameleon delivered with problem; Help

    I bought a male, around 7 month old, flap neck chameleon from a company which is located in California and I'm located in Florida. It was shipped 5pm last night and got to my house at 9:30am. First issue, I was not home to put it in the cage and open the box my dad was but he said he was fine...
  5. BbyK4y


    After another week or so with Karma my 11 month old, female, veiled chameleon I decided since I was unsure if she was egg bound or had back/leg problems that I would seek out help from a coworker who has had a female veiled before with a defect and she agreed she thought Karma was egg bound and...
  6. BbyK4y

    Don't know what to do

    I have an 11 month old chameleon veiled who for a long time I thought was egg bound but took to the vet and found out she wasn't. The vet also said she doesn't have MBD but I'm wondering if there's something more wrong with her. Like she isn't "all there". She can't do anything on her own and...
  7. BbyK4y

    I don't know what to do

    Karma went to the vet and everything was fine according to the vet who is excellent with chameleons especially veiled. I wasn't able to get the X-ray though. Since her vet appointment she still hangs out at the bottom of her cage. She has a good grip when she walks or holds onto something but...
  8. BbyK4y


    I have about a 10/11 month old, female, veiled chameleon. I've had her since she was 7 months old. She has a variety of different foods in her diet, misted throughout the day and is all green most of the day but today I've found her on the ground of her cage TWICE. I don't know if something is...
  9. BbyK4y

    Help / question!

    My chameleon drank a lot of water at once and is now pointing her head up and here and there gasping? Did she drink too much? Is there anything I can do? She's never acted like this before. She's less than a year old. Veiled.
  10. BbyK4y

    Feeding info and help please?

    I have around a 7-8 month old, female, veiled chameleon that I named Karma. I purchased her at my work, PetSmart, around a month or so ago. She was fed crickets daily and mealworms throughout the week but they were kept in a bowl for her to feed on when she wanted. I continued the same...
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