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  1. snookmasterone

    Discoids for sale

    checking to see if there is any interest in discoids----i have a surplus
  2. snookmasterone

    Hornworm eggs

    Hornworm eggs for sale---shipping mon,tue,wed only ---get them while they last-
  3. snookmasterone


    where in florida are you located---i am in key largo
  4. snookmasterone

    Hornworm eggs

    sale 150--15.00 shipped 300--30.00 shipped 600--50.00 shipped
  5. snookmasterone

    Hornworm eggs

    hornworm eggs for sale 100--15.00 shipped 250--30.00 500--50.00
  6. snookmasterone

    Hornworm eggs

    all sold out
  7. snookmasterone

    Chameleon fountain

    just got one ---works great---my male went right to it for a drink
  8. snookmasterone

    Hornworm eggs

    100 eggs ----- 15.00 shipped 250 eggs-------30.00 shipped limited time
  9. snookmasterone

    hornworm egg sale

    150 eggs - 15.00 shipped 300 eggs - 30.00 shipped 600 eggs - 60.00 shipped usps priority mail eggs only --no food
  10. snookmasterone

    Hornworm Eggs

    I will have hornworm eggs available in the next few days----- 100 eggs 15.00 shipped 250 eggs 30.00 shipped 500 eggs 60.00 shipped eggs are shipped priority mail-- once they are available they have to be shipped immediately as they hatch in 3 to 5 days
  11. snookmasterone

    baby veilds for sale

    35 plus shipping
  12. snookmasterone

    baby veilds for sale

    CBB Male and Female veileds available----2 1/2 months old---3" body---10 to 15 grams ---plump and doing great----- 40 plus shipping
  13. snookmasterone

    Hornworm eggs

    eggs sold out---will have more in a few weeks
  14. snookmasterone

    Hornworm eggs

  15. snookmasterone

    Hornworm eggs

    hornworm eggs for sale--I will have more eggs than I need--hate to throw extra away---if interested pm me for more info---
  16. snookmasterone

    Gravid Females& X-Rays

    when you have a gravid female X-rayed does that not affect the eggs negatively?
  17. snookmasterone


    I see a lot of cham owners getting their animals X-rayed to see if they are gravid or eggbound---don't the X-Rays have a bad effect on the developing embryos in the eggs?
  18. snookmasterone

    Liquid Calcium

    Calcium walgreens or cvs should have calcium glubionate--if not in stock they can order---very inexpensive--like 16.00 for 160z bottle
  19. snookmasterone

    Late Hatchling

    hatchling He is doing great so far
  20. snookmasterone

    Late Hatchling

    I had 3 clutches of oustalets eggs hatch last year in june and july. all but three eggs hatched. I left the three in the bin and 2 days ago I was checking them and discovered a new hatchling---amazing 24 months incubating--hopefully the other 2 will hatch also
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