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  1. agustinocchiuzzo

    How to lose 500 BSF in one simple step

    So I had this great idea of putting 500 bsf larvae in this cricket pen container, hoping that as they pupate and become flies I could feed them off. About two weeks passed and didn't see any flies there yet, which seemed odd, so opened it to find out that almost all 500 became flies and escaped...
  2. agustinocchiuzzo

    How do people feed off bsf?

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering, how can you feed off BSF, other than leaving the larvae in the cham enclosure and wait until it pupates? I want to find a way to have the larvae in a plastic container, and when they pupate and become flies, catch them somehow to put them in the chameleon enclosure...
  3. agustinocchiuzzo

    Can a small panther eat big superworms?

    I'm afraid the superworms I ordered might be too big for my panther. I know the rule, no larger than the width of the cham's head, but how does the rule apply to worms, since most of them will be larger than small chameleon's head? The superworms are about twice the width of her head, or even more.
  4. agustinocchiuzzo

    BSF and green banana roaches questions

    Hi everyone, I’d like to give my cham the joy of feeding her flying insects, and I’m thinking on bsf and green banana roaches. I’ve been doing some research but I do have a couple of questions: •Are green banana roaches good to release to the enclosure? Would they fly around, or would they hide...
  5. agustinocchiuzzo

    How to make a Mist King set up look nice

    This is how I keep the wires and chargers organized. It was driving me nuts! You can also just put the water container on top of the wood crate directly, but it gets better pressure if its higher up. The bucket is just to fill up the clear container without having to disconnect it every time.
  6. agustinocchiuzzo


    Hi all! I’m lookig for a trustworthy Veterinarian in Orange county, California. The ones that I found seem to care more about the money than the Cham, and don’t really look very knowledgeable about chameleons. Any recommendations? Its nothing urgent, my cham is perfectly healthy. Thank you!
  7. agustinocchiuzzo


    Hi people, Any recommendations on vitamins I can give Mengui, my year old female panther? I do give her calcium/no D3 every day and with D3 every two weeks. Also, yesterday right after the lights turned off I noticed one of the vines was about to fall, so I opened the enclosure to fix it, and...
  8. agustinocchiuzzo

    Enclosure in the kitchen?

    The title says it all, is there a reason not to have an enclosure in the kitchen? I live in a small apartment and don’t have much choices. She is currently at a corner in the living room, but we have visitors for a month I think she’ll be better at an empty corner of the kitchen, The enclosure...
  9. agustinocchiuzzo

    Vacation question

    Hi everyone, I hope everyone’s chameleons are doing well. I am heading out to mammoth for thanksgiving for four days, so I am thinking on my options here. My closest friends are coming with us so I don’t have anyone here who could take care of my year old female panther. So me options are...
  10. agustinocchiuzzo

    BSFL question

    So I ordered BSFL and my girlfriend is freaking out about the fact we need to put them in the fridge (our only fridge, right next to our food) Is it safe? Or should I get a mini fridge specifically for this? Thanks
  11. agustinocchiuzzo

    Enclosure, age and crickets questions

    Hi everyone, This is Mengui, I had her for 2 weeks now. When I bought her at Petco, they couldn’t tell me how old she is, one employee told me 3 months and another about a year (ridiculous, I know). How old do you think she is? She is about 5” long, from head to legs (without the tail). Should...
  12. agustinocchiuzzo

    Outside time? misting?

    Hi everyone, meet Mengui, our around-6 month old panther female. She is great, very friendly and loves to go outside, we take her to this plant (that has been washed) every day in the afternoon, we place her at the bottom and she climbs all the way up, however her skin goes always darker when...
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