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  1. Koilover512

    Freeze dried

    Ok random question. When you go to the pet store you see those little containers of freeze dried crickets and other insects. Will a Cham eat it? would it even be beneficial for a Cham if it did? Also I was told once that a Cham will eat pinkies. I believed the person to be fos, but has anyone...
  2. Koilover512

    Cham hates crickets

    My little guy wont eat crickets. When I got him that was all he was ever fed. So I was like well lets feed him something new like super worms. I did that for a couple of months and then I tried to get him back on crickets. He wouldn't eat them. I gave him a couple of days with just crickets in...
  3. Koilover512

    cross breeding

    Is it possible to cross breed a panther cham with a veiled cham?
  4. Koilover512

    Leroy is shedding!!!!

    Leroy my chameleon started shedding today. He is about two years old. I have only owned him for about two to three months. Is there anything I need to do to help him through this process?
  5. Koilover512


    Is there a certain type of tree branch you can not use in your chameleons cage? The reason why I am asking is because I have collected some nice size branches that I would like to use but I am just wanting to make sure that I am not going to put something in Leroys home that can hurt him. :confused:
  6. Koilover512

    Head or No Head that is the question?

    I just fed Leroy super worms for the first time and I am just wondering should a keep the head on the worms or take them off. The people at the pet store said that I should remove the heads prior to feeding. I have also read that you do not need to remove them. So Head or No Head?:confused:
  7. Koilover512

    Calcium Supp.

    I need to buy a calcium supplement that can be used on a daily basis, and I was just wondering what everyone prefers using and thinks works the best.
  8. Koilover512


    How often should your cham poop? Leroy hasnt pooped in a week and that concerns me. So I am just wondering if this normal........ I know this is a weird question but yea....... O_o
  9. Koilover512

    The Change in color

    The previous owner shared these photos with me. This is my chameleon Leroy Jenkins showing off his regular colors and the colors he changes to when his hormones are raised. His normal colors are the blue and green. :) What a show off lol
  10. Koilover512

    Hi im new

    Hi I was recently given my friends panther chameleon. His name is Leroy Jenkins. I have a concern about him, he has been keeping his left eye closed and sucking it in off and on. Right now he is looking ok I am just wondering why he may be doing this and how I can fix it. Any suggestions would...
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