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  1. marxous

    WANTED! Chameleon in Canada

    If you're selling or looking for a home for a chameleon, and are located in Canada, I have tons of experience with chameleons and am looking for one. I would prefer to give a good home for a Chameleon who already has an owner that cant properly look after theirs, rather than buy from a pet store...
  2. marxous

    Is my cham gravid? What do i do?

    Hey guys, just wondering if my cham is gravid... she's been showing some darker colors, and i've been letting her stay in house trees that we have, and when i come back shes been pacing around the windows, or i've been finding her in odd places. See the photos attached and please tell me what...
  3. marxous

    removing excess water from tank

    how do you ppz with glass enclosures remove the excess water from spraying etx? I tried lining the bottom with pat grass, but it couldnt drink the water fast enough,,, so i think it began rotting, and smellin funny... i took it out today. now theres nothing in the bottom, but i think soon im...
  4. marxous

    broken ribs?

    im soo sad, i just realized today that my cham looks like it has several broken ribs on one side. they are not rounded like the other ribs on the other side of her body... she is only about 4-6 mos old and i think it happened when i took her into the shower the first time. I made sure that the...
  5. marxous

    I cant find the thread linking to canadian bulk cricket retailers!

    Hey guys! I cant find the thread linking to canadian bulk cricket retailers... Where is the most reccommended place to purchace canadian crickets? thanks guys!!!
  6. marxous

    Partitioning off a 260gal mesh enclosure for a 4-6mth. veild, what are your thoughts?

    Hey everyone!! How would you set up a 260 gallon mesh enclosure for your cham? It is 29x29x72 ! So not too wide or deep, but really tall!!!! i think my baby will love it! Now i know many of you are thinking, that is WAY WAY too big far a 4-6 mth old veild. And i would say that you are...
  7. marxous

    How Female care differs from male care

    Hey all again! I was just in an exchange with Will Hayward and he informed me that females can indeed live as long as males, however the care is entireally different. Thus, I invite everyone who has knowledge in this matter, and im sure many of you do, to post how one cares specifically for a...
  8. marxous

    Is this normal ???

    i was shocked when i saw this!
  9. marxous

    Van.BC-any breeders? I want another baby!

    Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone from vancouver bc canada breeds veileds? im lookin for a mate for my baby right now, i think shes female, so i would be looking for a male if thats the case. I would be keeping them seperate, i would just like to raise 2 from birth to get a sense of...
  10. marxous

    what is a good thermometer / hygrometer ?

    these are the ones i was looking at on ebay, if not here where gould i get a better one?
  11. marxous

    best way to feed?

    What is the best way to feed chams? Do you just pour a ton of crickets in the enclosure and wait for my veiled to eat at her leisure? or do I feed her in a different manner? I also added pictures of my tank and cham to my gallery, i would love some comments so please check it all out!
  12. marxous

    Pictures of my girl and her enclosure!

    hey guys, thanks so much for all your help so far. this is my enclosure for my baby, and soon i will have a slightly larger one for her. my plan for her right now is to add a dripper system, and living plants ( the bamboo in there is live, but cut froma tree, so its dying :(. What are your...
  13. marxous

    Tank setup - questions !?

    Hey guys! I know there is a wealth of info on this site, and its great to see it all here! I just joined up, bought my first Chameleon 2 days ago, a wonderful veiled. There seems to be a lot of contradictory information going around with regards to you need mega humidity vs, you need cross winds...
  14. marxous

    Hey guys! New to the Forum!

    Hey everyone! I'm brand spanking new here, and i Just bought my first chameleon 2 days ago! I love her shes GREAT! I have a wonderful little home set up for her, and she is so darn cute! Anywhoo, I also own a TON of fish, and a pair of beardies! Its great to find a forum for Chameleons too...
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