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  1. Tucklander

    Harry September 2018

    He has a little tiny casque scar now but it’s very minor and I babied his wound this is him a couple weeks after it happened...doing well on one of my kids shoulders :) Hope everybody is doing well. I had a minor but consuming health scare, so thankful that it was a scare, it could’ve been so...
  2. Tucklander

    Harry and I say Hello

    busy busy :)
  3. Tucklander

    Got a new pal!

    Woke up to my daughter having bought and sneaked this into my man cave! Made me :)
  4. Tucklander

    Having interior of house painted/crew will use low voc paint! Will Harry be ok?

    Its a five day project for the crew, every room in house. Should I take Harry to a sitter for the week? Thanks, BT
  5. Tucklander

    Harry’s growing up...

    Been a lot busy...glad to have a minute to say hey and show of ole Dirty Harry’s growth :) hes pushing 7 mos now...
  6. Tucklander

    Is it ok for the urate plug to be runny?

    I see the sperm plug and normal poop but his urine is runny today? Is that okay. That’s less than ten minutes old. It’s white but it’s always been solid? Any concerns? Harry gets misted 3 times a day for 3 1/2 minutes , have a garden pump with sharpie line on it and it takes 3 1/2 minutes to...
  7. Tucklander

    Snuck a peak at Harry sleeping .

    He was sound alsleep... pulled back his cover and he was just a snoring (not really :D) but he was out for the count...
  8. Tucklander

    FINALLY found a good carpenter. Whoop!

    A lot of you all have inspired me here but someone (chime in) can’t remember??? found an octagonal enclosure and I instantly was like,“Hey hey hey, that’s for me!” So I’ve been calling around with this weird idea of a plexiglass and screen octagonal reptile cage to no avail. Today I found my...
  9. Tucklander

    Decided to get a misting system/which is best?

    please let me know what’s the most durable and best to buy...currently garden sprayer misting three times daily two heavy for 3 minute and one my daughter does, unsupervised, but she uses a smaller garden pump mister and mists until empty. Ready to automate this process...
  10. Tucklander

    Harry decided to sleep on his enclosure door.

    Harry was HALF AWAKE when I snapped these couple of photos:) That piece of skin fell off and was from his shedding this weekend... Good Morning, Bobby
  11. Tucklander

    Harry eating his first large hornworm...kind of funny.

    He got mad at it, then got all fired up...then like a beast ... attacked...:ROFLMAO: Good Morning Everyone! Bobby
  12. Tucklander

    Harry shedding 3rd time since I’ve had him...urates normal, does he look alright?

    He always turns brownish when he sheds...
  13. Tucklander

    Missed my little guy while in Florida!

    And he grew! In a week! Harry:)
  14. Tucklander

    Here in Palm Bay FL this week

    Stopped by “Incredible Pets Inc” here in Melbourne FL while visiting my Grandparents: Saw these cool...and a Pancake Frog (that also had a monkey) it was cool!
  15. Tucklander

    Dirty Harry had a tude with!

    But he flashed some colors (y):ROFLMAO::D:love: HAPPY SATURDAY YA’LL!
  16. Tucklander

    Going on vacation...

    I’ll be in Palm Bay and around cocoa beach FL Tuesday night through Sunday...any of you all in the area? Any reptile stores with cool stuff I could pick up? My grandparents live there.
  17. Tucklander

    Harry wanted to look regal this morning!

    He was all posed and ready today...Made me smile (y)
  18. Tucklander

    Calcium without d3 and also multivitamin which brands are best?

    no worries I’m using both, calcium without daily, d3 twice in 3 1/2 weeks, but I’m about two weeks out of running out of calcium without d3 and also have decided with once a month on multivitamin. Which my guys had I need to purchase both ...before I’m out. Thanks:)
  19. Tucklander

    Anyone bought a DYI premade cage?

    reviews are good (and I’m no carpenter) planning on spending a good bit of time on Harry’s adult enclosure, want to try the “good stuff “ plant holder formations and I have access to a lot of natural grape vines and beautiful perch options...thinking about moving him around...
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