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    Chameleo trioceros fuelleborni

    Anybody have one of these? Mine is a female. Just wondering how many of these there are out there? Thanks
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    Red Flap on Wallflower Pics

    Can anybody tell me what the Red Flap means? I tried to upload some pics here but couldnt' don't know why? I'll upload them in my profile with the rest of the pics
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    Colors on a Chameleon

    Has anybody catalogued what the different colorations on a Chameleon can mean?
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    Wally has a new name

    I just found out my lizard is a Tanzanian called a Chameleo trioceros fuelleborni. Does anyone else have any of these? I named her Wally when I thought she might be a Male Jackson. Maybe Wallflower would be a better name?
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    Night time Chameleon

    What is a Chameleon supposed to do at night? I mean they sleep right? But do they close their eyes, tuck up their tail and go night night? What exactly is correct behaviour for a chameleon at night? Thanks
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    Jackson Poop?

    What should a female Jackson's poop look like. I'm not a hundred percent that I have a female or a Jackson but I saw a picture and it looked like her. I"m thinking its a female because her horns aren't long and I read that the horns on a female don't get long at all. Thanks.
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    Stressed Chameleon

    I already posted this in general discussions now I'll post it here. I need some advice on this issue. Thanks. I noticed yesterday evening that My Chameleon was closing his eyes during the day. I learned this morning that that is a bad thing and means its stressed or something is wrong. I'm...
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    Hello Reptile World. I was wondering if anyone else out there feeds their chameleon silkworms? And if they do should the silkworms be gut loaded? And if they should be gut loaded what do I gut load them with? Thanks.
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    What type of Chameleon Do I have?

    Hello Reptile World. I recently bought a sub-adult Chameleon and was told that he was a Graceful Chameleon but as I look at pictures of Chameleons she doesn't look anything like the pictures that I see. She has some sort of flap behind his neck that I have only seen open when I first got him...
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