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  1. AMGChams

    Stunted growth

    Is it possible for a chameleon that has had stunted growth to reach a normal size? Or will they always be considerably smaller?
  2. AMGChams

    Fly larva

    Ok so I am in the process of making a Black Soldier Fly compost bucket. My question is do you think it is ok to feed off the regular fly larva? I know that normally wild caught flies are not a good thing to feed because of the chance of parasites but the larva are eating non meat, non fecal...
  3. AMGChams

    New photos of my chams

    Just wanted to share some updated photos of my two Veileds.
  4. AMGChams

    Receptive Veiled

    My female veiled is a little over a year old and showing signs of being receptive. My question is how long after showing signs of being receptive and NOT being mated do they lay unfertile eggs? I do have a laying bin in there for her and she has been going down but there is no signs of her...
  5. AMGChams

    Albino Anole

    Ok so I am at work and my boss sees me on the computer looking at this site. She starts to tell me about this strange looking lizard she saw this morning by her garage door opener. She said it was snow white and had red eyes but looked just like the typical Anole you see in Florida. Has any one...
  6. AMGChams

    Question on Chams

    Ok so I have been thinking. I'm a Navy Brat and my father was stationed in Spain for almost 9 years during that time as a child I remember running around in the woods and finding Chameleons and keeping them a huge screen cage for a little while before letting them go back in the wild. I was just...
  7. AMGChams

    Any one else have this Problem

    I have a large hibiscus plant and a smaller umbrella plant in my female veiled chams cage. She is 6 months old and recently she has totally ravished the umbrella plant eating almost every leaf off it. She eats like a little piggy, she has 2 to 3 wax worms once a week as a treat and 6 to 8 large...
  8. AMGChams

    dubia question

    Ok so I have this Dubia colony going ... well while checking them I notice a female with what I would assume would be her egg case sticking out her back side so I was like cool they are mating and I should have some tiny roaches to feed to my chams soon ... well its been like 2 weeks and I can't...
  9. AMGChams

    My little Oshi

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Veiled Cham, Male 4 to 5 months old. Looks like he is only 3 months old though, very small. How long has it been in your care?- 3 months Handling - rarely Feeding - Crickets smal 1/4 size, Gutloaded with dry store bought fulkers with added veggies and fruit...
  10. AMGChams

    Humidity for feeders

    How do you all keep the humidity up for your roaches? I had to move them inside due to the cold and the heater is running in my house so the humidity is very low.
  11. AMGChams

    Switched up feeders to roaches

    I went from crickets to roaches but I have honestly not seen my guys go for them yet. They are used to free range crickets and my wife refuses to allow me to just throw roaches in the cage so I am trying to get them used to cup feeding. Any suggestions on what might make the transition easier on...
  12. AMGChams

    Male and female Veiled chams housed together

    I do know that adult male veiled Chams are supposed to be housed alone but is it acceptable for a 4 month old female veiled and a 3 month old male veiled to be housed together in a 18x18x36 as long as there is no signs of aggression?
  13. AMGChams


    Today while I was cleaning out his cage my baby veiled,2 months old, fell and I assumed he got something in his left eye. He kept it closed and would not open it up. I took him and dripped water over his eye, I then took him and left him close to my son's sonic humidifier for about 15 mins. He...
  14. AMGChams

    My new little one

  15. AMGChams

    Translucent or Morphs

    Ok I have a question about Translucents or Morphs. For a cham to be considered one how much of it's body has to show signs of the translucent trate? The reason I am asking is because my baby veiled "Tiny" shows signs of the trate I think ... around her feet only though she also has a very bright...
  16. AMGChams

    New Father of a baby Veiled

    Hi I am not only new to this Forum but a new Father as well. I bought my little one about 2 or 3 weeks ago. My main concern right now is if she is eating enough. I think she is between 3 or 4 months old. I am feeding her a mix of crickets and small mealworms. She is eating between 5 to 7 a day...
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