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  1. animjason

    Is this a normal/okay sleeping position?

    Hope these images work. One in better light than the other. He recently started sleeping by resting on his chest, and holding his own hands. Just want to see if this is normal because it is comfortable, or a sign of weakness. Thanks.
  2. animjason


    I enjoy watching the paths our Chameleon takes. Discovering his favorite routes, basking spots, sleeping spots, etc. Sometimes adjusting if he outgrows a spot, and needs more clearance. Question: if there is a spot where I know he'd like a "road" installed, should we install it or leave it as...
  3. animjason

    It is FINISHED! (well, 99.9%)

    This website has been huge in helping me get the confidence, and knowledge to build our own terrarium. I am sharing the side-by-side of first and last shot, you can see the whole build on this google site I threw together: Hope it is okay to share external link instead of...
  4. animjason

    Zero VOC Acrylic Paint

    I've read that zero VOC 100% acrylic latex paint is animal safe. I am just curious if anything needs added on top of it after it has dried and cured, or if it is okay as is. No sealer needed or yes on top? Thanks!
  5. animjason

    Adding Screen: Help

    I see many DIY cage builds, but the problem is most of them say "I replaced the glass with screen" or "I punched out the side wall, and added screen" or "I stapled the screen on". I realize every project is unique, but I haven't been able to find close-up shots of DIY screen or step-by-step how...
  6. animjason

    Starting my first build!

    Found a great entertainment center at Goodwill, and scored it on half price day. Excited to get started, and have read A LOT of great ideas on this forum. Don't have much to show at all, but wanted to share my album. Will update often throughout the build...
  7. animjason

    Panther Not Eating

    Just basics to start, will do whole questionnaire if needed. Hatched Oct 10-22. Have had since January. Male Ambilobe. Cage is 18x18x36. Humidity 60 mid cage, temp 90F top cage, digital reader. GREAT eater... Then we reorganized the cage, and he has barely eaten since. Normally 5-8 crickets...
  8. animjason

    Meet Arrow

    My wife knows how much I love exotic pets, and we've only had a cat together. For our three year anniversary, she surprised me with Arrow, a Colombian Rainbow Boa Constrictor. She is semi afraid of snakes, but got her for me anyways. Now, months later, she loves her and is much less afraid...
  9. animjason

    Water reservoir for Mister add on?

    I have the ZooMed ReptiRain Automatic Mister ( here is what it looks like if you don't know: ), and I have it set to mist the cage with two nozzles every hour. The reservoir needs refilled every day (not a big deal), but is there a way to add to it? It only holds 28 ounces...
  10. animjason

    Kammer Kreations Ambilobe

    Hi everyone, new to this forum today. Tomorrow I am getting my Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. So excited! I have had Veiled in the past, this is my first Panther. I will post pics and vids after he arrives!
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