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  1. Sang

    What i've been doing as of late, Emerald tree boa babies.

    Yes, jan, just like green tree pythons, the babies go through otonogenesis(sp) and from what i read these animals are fairly hard to reproduce in captivity, i have been told my numerous locals that have kept/try to keep them that i am only 1 of 3 successful breeders in the state of Arizona...
  2. Sang

    What i've been doing as of late, Emerald tree boa babies.

    about 2 years ago i picked up a lone WC female, and kept her for a year, got her on frozen thawed rodents and decided i really wanted to breed emeralds. Back in february of 2013 i noticed she started an ovulation cycle so i decided to pick up a captive bred male and put them together. as of...
  3. Sang

    Testing out my new camera, here's some of my little ones [DUW]

    you know you can tell them who they belong to considering i am a member of this forum... anyways i have more photos of the liter on my facebook account. Yeah kent, i picked up an young WC female back in march of 2011 roughly and spent a year getting her on frozen...
  4. Sang

    Female or late bloomer

    I feel its male.
  5. Sang

    Pics of (Tri) our Mt. K Jacksonii female

    Very stunning, Very jealous.
  6. Sang

    Can't wait!!!

    jacksonii jacksonii or jacksonii xantholophus? *xantho is more common in the trade then the jack jacksonii*
  7. Sang

    NEW C. gracilis x calyptratus hybrid

    just doing a bump for an update.
  8. Sang

    NEW C. gracilis x calyptratus hybrid

    as kent said about the carpet ball pythons there is also womaxball pythons aka wall pythons, tom sundhin who produced the first female ever sold the female for around 15k...
  9. Sang

    NEW C. gracilis x calyptratus hybrid

    blurry photos are blurry...... interesting to say the least.
  10. Sang

    Pets inc Tempe AZ closing doors forever

    After 35 years the monolithic pets store in AZ Pets Inc. will be closing down, there is still not an exact date But while the store is open, 50% off everything left in the store whlie the sale has been going on for a week, soon nothing will be left.. no more chameleons but we have some...
  11. Sang

    What's the best place to buy jacksonii

    nick mole over at first choice is a very good guy, i have purchased geckos from him and everything comes in really good shape..... also check the forum classifieds nad a few of the vendors on the forums also check to see if you have any shows coming up, i always prefer to purchase from...
  12. Sang

    Health Problem. Not sure exactly. please help

    If you are that concerned please go to the vet and receive immediate expert help, the photos are blurry and hard to make anything distinguishable.
  13. Sang

    We need your help...sick chameleon

    have you still not attempted a vet visit, sorry but i jumped ahead and only read the first two pages/last page of the thread. your guy is in bad shape and it is unfortunate that alot of the members see this all too often and so please don't be discouraged by their "attitude" because it...
  14. Sang

    New African Member

    any homopholis fasciata near were you live? i am looking for someone to get me detailed photos of their native habitat...
  15. Sang

    30$ steal

    i bought a snow flake yapan on craigslist *$2500* on craigslist for $250, kid had it listed as a sorong Gree tree......i paid 200 for it....
  16. Sang

    My friend's new book comes out today, check it out

    Well, its not like adults can't read it, it is supposed to be along the lines of the next "harry potter" and what not so should be interesting i get my copy tomorrow when i go by his home.
  17. Sang

    My friend's new book comes out today, check it out Check out this new book my friend has written, comes out today to the public on his site, it will be on amazon and other formats later this week, a great book for kids into animals and such!
  18. Sang

    lets see pics of everyones rare species they are keeping or have kept...

    just doing a quick bump for this thread, hoping to see if we can get an update on some of those rarer species.. and if anyone can toss up a care sheet for the gallus...
  19. Sang

    TUCSON,AZ reptile show

    yeah syn oedura... he also had the australian leaf tails and some parthogenic babies, but i didn't i didn't want to deal with TINY TINY babies i had to feed fruit flys
  20. Sang

    TUCSON,AZ reptile show

    hmm i was at tucson, this years was a little rough, somewhat dissapointing. but the phoenix show has some variety in comparison, i had a chance to pick up some O. robusta at tucson but bought a leachi since they couldn't garuntee gender. phoenix show isn't like LA or the big cali/florida...
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