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    T. quad gracilior Lower lip infection

    Tormund my young male gracilior has developed an infection in his lower lip over the last week so he got to go to the vet for the first time yesterday. No foreign materials were found but he did have a small amount of pus that was cleaned out. Docs guess was a scratch from a feeder that got...
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    My house frogs, Hyla cineria

    Finally got some rain for the first time a few weeks at our house, usually get far more this time of year but we kept being in the little areas that got missed by the afternoon storm cycle. The green tree frogs usually breed all summer in our yard and it was nice to hear them singing, got a few...
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    Ultrasonic humidifier pros and cons

    I picked up one over the weekend and it can't be used with a timer because of the way the digital power switch works. Wondering what brands/ models you guys are using and the pros and cons you've discovered using them so far. I'm going to be testing them with my montanes to reduce the amount of...
  4. guanagator

    Parsons YouTube clip

    Stumbled on this earlier today, it's from 2015 not sure if it's been shared before or not on here, couple of males going at it over the tree.
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    Phone photos

    Thought I would share some quick shots from my phone this week taken while I was cleaning or doing other duties in the chameleon corner. May get out the big camera again this weekend for some more baby love the phone just doesn't do them justice so you'll just have to be patient. ;) This guy is...
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    WC C. O'shaughnessy Pair

    Got this pair end of last week and they seem to be adjusting ok to their new home. Both hand fed on large orange heads plus took some super worms first day, offered crickets today but they didn't get very motivated by them discoids got a better response. So far the female is the more comfortable...
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    Snack time shots and a teaser

    Snack time shots. Tormund wasn't sold on the superworm, he's still very shy of the camera but getting more trusting with me. Loves his camo cup from @nickbarta Blue's treats the camera like an unwanted male advancing but her love of snacks overwhelms most days making for good shots as she...
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    BB Ambilobe Babies

    The oldest of the clutch are hitting the 2 week mark, little ones are starting to come into their own, developing routines and personalities. I'll be using this as a progression thread for them. This was a big clutch with 39/40 hatched so far. DM me if you see one you can't live without...
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    Iphone Pics (warning this thread may contain Babies!)

    Been awhile since I posted shots of the chams, happy to be back and hope y'all enjoy!
  10. guanagator

    Little quads!

    Young pair of graciliors that I got a lil while back, they are fascinating little ones the male is very calm and hand feeds regularly. He is same one Janet posted pics of a few weeks back. Little girl is a bit shy but has gotten used to the daily routine.
  11. guanagator

    Panther chameleons more than one species?

    What are the experts thoughts on this study? Tissue samples indicate little gene flow between populations and show potential for 11 distinct species.
  12. guanagator

    Isopods and springtails for bio active substrate?

    I've been researching bioactive substrates out of curiosity for some time now and am finally going to make the switch in a few of my males enclosures and possibly one female. I've got the basics down and have started to get things together and ordered springtails today from Josh's Frogs but am...
  13. guanagator

    Kai enjoying the sun.

    It's still 83 here in November so gave Kai some outside time, he enjoyed chasing the sun across the hibiscus. Since I still had the camera out from last night snapped a couple picks before the clouds ruined our fun.
  14. guanagator

    Fall colors....for the ambilobe's.

    Got the big camera and lens out and on the chameleons for the first time today. Figured since they hate the camera so much I would just set up the tripod across the room and use the zoom. First I caught Gus flaring up when he spied Blue on the free range, she is receptive for the first time ever...
  15. guanagator

    New addition this week, Trioceros Quadricornis

    New addition this week, T. Quadricornis quad Been considering a quad for sometime and thanks to Laurie am now happy to have a young adult male. He's been here since 10/29 and seems to be acclimating well. Used his free range for first time today while I was working on cleaning other cages, I...
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    Few pics from this week.

    Blue showing off a new hue in appreciation of coming out of quarantine and into her new dragonstrand. Sire is WC Bolt from Canvas Chameleons hopefully she brings some of his high yellow blue bar genes into my little project. [/URL][/img] Gus's growing up quick. Sire is Powell from FL Chams...
  17. guanagator

    Ruby's first clutch.

    Ruby the adult female panther I picked up from the Daytona expo dropped a clutch today, she had been off food and digging test holes all weekend finally found a spot she liked and layer 40 healthy looking little eggs. Not sure if they will be fertile or not, she supposedly hadn't been bred...
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    Post shed/Daytona photo update!

    Post shed/Daytona photo update! Both my boys shed over the last week, the depth of their colors continue to amaze me, Kai's yellows and reds are starting to show and Gus is getting greener. At the show I added a .1 ambiloble from a December clutch. Sire was a yellow body blue bar, I got an...
  19. guanagator

    White spot on young panthers skin

    Gus Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. 3-4 month Panther. How long has it been in your care? 2 weeks bought from a site sponsor Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Twice this week to take outside to sun on an outdoor pothos. Feeding - What are...
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