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  1. BocaJan

    Fruit Fly Medium you can count on

    I have been using this for years. It doesn't get soupy and works better then the medium you buy. I put this in a zip lock bag and add the liquid when I need some. Works great and stays forever. I got this this from someone on the forums; wish I could give them credit but I don't have the name...
  2. BocaJan

    Creating a Pygmy Terrarium

    I keep my pygs (bearded) in a terrarium. I have 2 aquariums with adults, 1 male and 2 females, and 3 regular nano terrariums where I keep hatchlings. At 2 months they are still pretty small and should definately NOT be handled. In fact, pygs shouldn't be handled at all unless absolutely...
  3. Not receptive, receptive and gravid

    Not receptive, receptive and gravid

    These are some pics of my ladies in the various stages of fertility. Perhaps it will help you decide if your lady is ready.
  4. BocaJan

    Dangers of compact light bulb
  5. BocaJan


    No I would say those orange cubes are not sufficient. Here's some links on gutloading:
  6. BocaJan

    DIY misting system

    Summoner12 posted this marvelous DIY misting system. You don't even have to be very handy to make one.
  7. BocaJan

    Raising Crickets This is the best site that I have found online. It has many pictures and specific instructions.
  8. BocaJan

  9. BocaJan

    Super worm breeding

    There are some good places online to search out, try Google. That's how I found out how to do it. Anyway, here are some directions. Get some nice plump worms at the pet store. Put them in some oatmeal (raw please) with a chunk of potato. Let them eat and poop for at least two weeks. Get...
  10. BocaJan

    Kevin's fruit fly breeding

    The cultures themselves don't really go bad. It's the media that either gets used up, dries up, or gets moldy. To start a new culture you just mix up some new media (purchased or home recipe), put an inch or two in a new container (or cleaned container), add a sprinkle of activated yeast...
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