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  1. Kris Chams

    Jackson's Chameleon with tumors

    Please help.....a friend of mine that lives in Wahiawa, HI has a female Jacksons Chameleon that was diagnosed with 24 tumors. Her vet is unwilling to do surgery on her and she is looking to get a 2nd opinion. Does anyone know of a good vet near Wahiawa, HI? Is there anything she can do to...
  2. Kris Chams

    Lil Squirt being adorable

  3. Kris Chams

    Lil Squirt grew up so fast, I just love him so much

  4. Kris Chams

    Good morning

    Lil Squirt was smiling this morning or I would like to think so :)
  5. Kris Chams

    I'm a dragon!

    He was enjoying some good sunshine today.
  6. Kris Chams

    La la la la

    I don't like shedding!
  7. Kris Chams

    I like worms

    He loves his hornworms.
  8. Kris Chams

    Lil Squirt getting so big

    Lil Squirt is 9 months old and is such a big healthy boy. I know that his precious momma died today, I'm so sad about that and my heart goes out to Jann :(. Fiona is in Heaven with the Squirt's dad and family now.
  9. Kris Chams

    I love this little guy

    This one of my favorite pictures of him :love:
  10. Kris Chams

    Sun Time

    Squirt getting his sun time this morning :)
  11. Kris Chams

    Night night lil guy

    He's all tucked in for the night :love:
  12. Kris Chams

    Happy Tuesday

    He's ready for the day!! :)
  13. Kris Chams

    Good night lil Squirt

    He is out for the night...sweet dreams little guy.:)
  14. Kris Chams

    Happy Sunday

    Lil Squirt got about 5 minutes of sun time today, it started to rain and he is back inside.
  15. Kris Chams

    Happy Saturday!

    It's raining today, so Lil Squirt won't get any sun time today.
  16. Kris Chams

    Thursday Morning Sun Time

    Lil Squirt getting his morning sun time :)
  17. Kris Chams

    Does he love it or hate it?

    My vacation is just about over and no more free ranging for a while, he will have to stay in his house while we are at work :(. I wonder if he likes his house or if he hates it....what do you think??
  18. Kris Chams

    Trying to be like Dad

    Lil Squirt looks a lot like his handsome Daddy Amos!
  19. Kris Chams

    This little guy

    He had a pretty boring day today, it was cloudy outside so he stayed in the bedroom hanging around on the blinds all day. He must be ready to shed again, he hasn't eaten much in 2 days and he fell asleep around 5pm CST.
  20. Kris Chams

    Lil Squirt

    I hope he loves his forever home and us as much as we love him. I love watching him climb around on his tree and the look on his face as he is looking out of the window. He must have been really tired this evening, because he fell asleep so fast on a terry cloth towel on his tree. He seems...
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