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  1. Sang

    What i've been doing as of late, Emerald tree boa babies.

    about 2 years ago i picked up a lone WC female, and kept her for a year, got her on frozen thawed rodents and decided i really wanted to breed emeralds. Back in february of 2013 i noticed she started an ovulation cycle so i decided to pick up a captive bred male and put them together. as of...
  2. Sang

    Pets inc Tempe AZ closing doors forever

    After 35 years the monolithic pets store in AZ Pets Inc. will be closing down, there is still not an exact date But while the store is open, 50% off everything left in the store whlie the sale has been going on for a week, soon nothing will be left.. no more chameleons but we have some...
  3. Sang

    My friend's new book comes out today, check it out Check out this new book my friend has written, comes out today to the public on his site, it will be on amazon and other formats later this week, a great book for kids into animals and such!
  4. Sang

    Gecko people might enjoy this
  5. Sang

    Quadi's on Kingsnake.

    well not sure how many people pay attention, but i saw these guys show up on kingsnake.... i am still contemplating getting some.
  6. Sang

    this is what i was afraid of

    damn that johnny depp movie rango...already inspired one idiot to sell them as "little rango's" and at a month old. phoenix.craigslist
  7. Sang

    Science channels "mutant planet"

    Tuesday at 10:00pm *probably eastern* will be airing the Madigascar episode , covering alot of the unique species of madigascar , commercials show several shots of chameleons and uroplatus ... and those monkey things *but we all know what most of us will watch for*
  8. Sang

    puffy eye , baby panther.

    alright so, one of my hatchlings, probably about 1-2 months atm, i noticed this morning that his one eye is a bit puffy/mishaped, he just finished a shed... it looked like something was caught in the eye.... other then a warm shower/ misting what can i do to help him out? he's so small and...
  9. Sang

    "rustlin his jimmy's" 5 month old sambava

    Well its been a while since i took a few pics of one of my first hatchlings, and here he is all pissy that i woke him, one side had dark dark bars, and i spun around his pot and these were the colors he was showing off. Camera died right as i was trying to get a pic of him gaping and...
  10. Sang

    Friday morning with sambavas!

    Well up first is one of my first hatchlings ever. he is the oldest of my babies @ around almost 4 months now. he bit me for the first time today got a pretty solid bite on me too Next up is my show pick up from ryan jaroseck, it is a El Lobo line baby female. she was very hard to get a...
  11. Sang

    Update on one of my first hatchlings.

    I have 4 other hatchlings that are between 2-3 weeks and 2-3 days old... ill have photos of them once i get my camera back from my father ... he is using it in czech republic. sorry if the picture sucks took it with my blackberry.
  12. Sang

    2 weeks-ish till phoenix expo!

    Being held at the Mesa convention center. Vendor list is looking pretty sweet ..can't wait to go! HOPE TO SEE those who can make it!
  13. Sang

    Arizona Reptile club.

    Hey all, recently i have decided i kinda want to make a group for either a weekly or monthly get togethers.. now the question is what would these meetings before, could we get speakers for different reptiles and subjects ...and would anyone be interested i do have a building available...
  14. Sang

    Baby Sambava month old.

    he had his first shed last week, starting to show off some green colors that the babies typically show off... still only one have hatched *sigh* lol hurry up others.
  15. Sang

    Gold dust day gecko and ma dog!

    my latest addition to my collection a gold dust day gecko, decided to hold off on the abbotti. and my boxer Rem.
  16. Sang

    should i get? phelsuma abotti

    Well I have a chance to obtain some P. Abbotti. Or aldabra day geckos. They are selling for about 140 each, *store probably paid 45 wholesale* for the 4 which appear to be all male, cb juvies.. I was offered to trade *when they hatch* 4 for 4... In reality I'd probably be massively loosing...
  17. Sang

    1 day old *first hatch, sambava*

    More to come later, this is the first one to hatch out as of yet... hopefully the others start sweating soon.
  18. Sang

    Sambava eggs *jan-jun diapause* finally growing

    here are my eggs, about 50 eggs or so, still looking good after a long diapause. the large eggs were laid end of december/jan and then second eggs were laid in february
  19. Sang

    Peacock chameleon *Phoenix area*

    For anyone interested in The local petstore, Pets inc. has two peacock chameleons. not sure how often these guys are available. but one looks to be in very good condition *they look young* and one i believe to be the female, has a burn blister on her lip.. she may need some work. i would...
  20. Sang

    Upcoming AZ reptile shows

    International heretological symposium, Tucson , at the tuscon expo, July 21-24 *going to be F#%king hot!* im not sure if reptiles will be sold at this show or not. but i was told they would be *need to check with someone somehow* *loook for announcement on kingsnake* Turtle & Tortoise...
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