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    Back Again ….

    Been many years but back online !! Still keeping chameleons, uroplatus geckos ,and everything under the sun and moon ;) . Hope everyone been doing well with much success . Tomorrow Ill post some Meru pics and panther set ups Ive been perfecting for this coming OHIO winter.
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    Stolen Chameleons help please

    Hello everyone, 16 panthers were stolen from my backyard enclosures lastnight in elyria ohio taken were 4 males one is blind they are all ambilobes, 12 females if anyone hears or sees anything please let me know 440 539 7303 . Ill post some pics of them in a few I'm on my phone right now ...
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    Rose Slugs ?

    Are they toxic , can they be fed to chameleons . Found large colony devouring my rose bush in the front of my house. Ive collected about 30 now and was just curious about them and couldn't find any info on toxicity.
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    Conures, rats,Cats oh my

    Part of the family, if everyone would just learn to get a long now . Accidental litter of my Pet Dumbos when my Gf left the males and females open one night. Just opening eyes today great lol Little guy skip I rescued from cat along with 2 others robins in the same week Mowgli...
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    Breeding Chameleons for our benefits?

    So whats your take on it. I been breeding chameleons and uroplatus geckos for past few years with ups and downs. In the end its been for fun , learning experience , challenges and I really do love the geckos and chameleons never been about the money. Ive never really cared about the money but I...
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    Chameleons n Geckos 2013

    Heres few pics havent been on lately still doing my thing though. Hatched baby gecko out last night Mossy Leaftail Some Growing Chameleons Ambilobes I found him on the pumpkin in the window. Home Depot Hitchhiker Found in plant in Ohio. In my living room.
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    young males getting big

    yes his eye been bothering him
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    Skateboarding Ambilobe

    Havent Been online or even around lately so figure post a baby shot I took this afternoon. Warming Up in Ohio.
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    Young Females

    Some of the girls just hanging around. and a young female gecko
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    CBB Jacksons

    CBB 4 months males females both $60 plus shipping .. Ship your reptiles.
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    Ambilobe Babies

    Ambilobes Little over 3 months Males $175 plus shipping Female $125 plus shipping Shipping through ship your reptiles overnight air. Mon-Wed.
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    Confirm Sex Panther

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    CB Jackson Xanths Babies

    Available beginning of november for shipping. Almost 3 months All sexes $65 plus shipping through Ship your reptiles "FedEX overnight"
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    Few Uroplatus geckos "pics"

    Going through photo book heres a Few random pics of new and old. These are all mine some CBs others LTC and few habitat shots. building some new tanks this week for new arrivals. Ill take some pics. Need to collect outdoor material before seasons over.
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    Little Girl "panther pic"

    Here is my female Ill be holding back from my first clutch.... Yea I know shes just a panther but shes special to me:D
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    A day in the Life "pics"

    "Dig that hole, forget the sun, And when at last the work is done Don't sit down it's time to dig another one." R. Waters
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    Star War Chameleons

    Well its been years now and I still have no names but got a few that I ve been calling recently , yea Im a star wars nerd or something. These are names to some of my Panther Chameleons. "The deathstar is fully operational." Hang Solo Lando Luke Tree Walker C-Tree-P-O Chewiee...
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    Ambanja just in

    Some opening up arrival pics
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    leaftail geckos

    few hatchlings of mine
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    Ambilobe Babies Photos

    Here My Photos . Apparently im not allowed to post in the Photography Section. So you can check them out and comment on my ambilobes here.
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