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  1. Jhlamotte95

    Stuck shed

    Hello, my Chameleon’s last shed was a couple months ago, and he still has some shed stuck on his face. Just wondering if I should be concerned, or if this will just all fall off next time he sheds (that’s what I think but just want to hear some other opinions).
  2. Jhlamotte95

    Free Ranging in captivity vs in the wild.

    Hello Chameleon world, I have owned my Male Ambanja Panther Chameleon for 6 going on 7 months now, and I always let him free range an stretch his legs. I’ve heard all this stuff from vets and some people on here the dangers of free ranging ( Gets cold fast, can hurt his or her self, get lost...
  3. Jhlamotte95

    I want to give up he’s too stubborn

    So I have put a post or two about this but my Chameleon will not eat anything but Supers he hopelessly addicted. I tried to just offer him Dubai’s an crickets for a full week maybe a day or two over without offering a super. Did not even show the slight mf interest in both. Took him to a vet...
  4. Jhlamotte95

    Tips for weening a Chameleon off superworms

    Currently I’m trying to ween my 8 month old to a year old male Ambanja Panther Chameleon off superworms, an back onto Dubai Roaches. This is l because I’ve heard/read that too many super worms for a chameleon can cause health problems (due to the lack of nutrition a superworm holds). I have...
  5. Jhlamotte95

    Spotting stress?

    So I took my Chameleon out an he was free roaming in my bed, an now he has these dark spots on his beard. Is this just stress or something I should be concerned about?
  6. Jhlamotte95

    Night Time humidity levels

    So I was just wondering what are good night time humidity ranges? I have my day time range at 45-60 now with a temp of 85-90 at the top basking area. So what should I see at night for humidity for good ranges?
  7. Jhlamotte95

    Chameleon only shows interest in Superworms!!

    I am new to Chameleons an have notice my Ambanja Panther Chameleon “Rango” only shows interest in Superworms. Rango is between 8 months to a year old (15”-17” it’s hard to get a good measurement he hates the tape measure). Rango used to only eat Dubai Roaches (when I first got him from an expo...
  8. Jhlamotte95

    Supplement schedule

    So I am new to Chameleons but have worked with other Lizards but nothing too similar (bearded dragon, Blue Iguana). I have recently purchased a male Ambanja Panther(a little under two months ago). The company did not give me an age when I bought him but some breeders have told me he’s between...
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