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    Pacific NW breeders/experienced keepers?

    Are there any folks in Oregon/western Washington/NorCal who either breed or count themselves as more experienced keepers who'd be down to have visitors? As part of my research into chameleons, I'm trying to see chams and their home environments in person as much as possible. Unfortunately...
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    Understory film on pygmy chameleons?

    I sent out this request to the FB group, WWPCK, but thought I'd post here. Has anyone heard of/seen the short doc "Miniature Dragons" by The Understory Films? Link:
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    Chameleons and people

    Hi all! I'm considering getting a chameleon in a few months and have a few (ha!--many) questions. I don't have much experience as a herp keeper and have never cared for a chameleon, so I am leaning toward a panther. However, I have some concerns about my ability to provide a comfortable...
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