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    The vet sent me...

    The vet sent me a sympathy card. How thoughtful of them, it was signed by everyone there. :-) Now that's a good vet. For y'all that don't know, my male veiled passed away a few days ago. I buried him in my garden with a piece of his branch from his cage. RIP El Chamino, I miss you!
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    My cham died! :-(

    Hi guys. I'm devasted. I woke up this morning to find El Chamino, my 7 month old male veiled died. He was still holding onto a branch, but down at the bottom of the cage. I am so stunned. He was doing great. The vet had nothing bad to say, he was eating, drinking, and everything was right...
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    Hey guys So searching through the forums, the only thing I consistantly find about silkworms are that they are good for dehydrated chams. I feed my veiled cham (Male) crickets and silk worms, and I'm just wondering what makes silkworms good, and what do they offer? My cham loves the silkies...
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    Feeding silkworms to an agressive cham

    So i decided to start feeding my cham El Chamino silk worms. I've had him for about 5 weeks now. He is quite agressive, probably because he doesn't like me rubbing BNP cream in his eyes everyday, but anyway, he hisses and freaks whenever I get close or mist him. I bought silk worms...
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    So El Chamino, today, was drooling. I walked in and he had a nbig spit bubble, and ten is popped and it was drooling and such. It look thick and sticky. Any help?
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    First vet visit!

    So we took El Chamino to the vet today. Disappointment is around. 1) He is perfectly healthy. 2) He is only 6 months old, Petsmart sold him to us for $200 because he was an "adult." Guhhhh
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    Sleeping all day?

    My cham is pretty much sleeping all day...he usually wakes up somewhere around 9am, but it's 11:50 and he's still sleeping. He is easy to wake up at this point, my misting woke him up, and when I put his crickets into the cage he woke up as well. What should I do?
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    Questions about Showering...

    1) How old do you starts howering them at? 2) How do you shower them? 3) Antyhing to look for when showering them? Thanks guys!
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    Eyes Are Closed!

    My chams eyes are closed. What do I do? Why are they closed? I'm very worried. How do you feed them when they're eyes are closed? Edit: Only ONE eye is closed.
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    Few more questions, pictures

    So his first shed in my care is finished! He now has beautiful patterns on him! There are pictures below :-) I also bought him a nice Ficus tree! Alrighty, questions... From the pictures, does he look good? Hydrated, and everything? Meal Worms. I bought 'em, but he shys away from me...
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    Dogs and chameleons?

    Can I let my cham ride my doggy? Haha, I'm joking, but I do have a question. Does is stress out chams to have a dog walking around every so often? The enclosure is in my room, and the door stays shut during the day, but whenever I walk in the dog is sure to follow. He's a medium-ish...
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    First shed in my care, pictures and QUESTIONS!

    YAY! My cham (veiled) is shedding his first shed in my care! I'm really excited, but I must say, it's a weird thing to witness! Haha. I already see more colour in him, and he's been acting weird, but from reading the forums I see it's typical for them to act weird during a shed. he just hides...
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    Keeping humidity down?

    Hey all! Just a general question for when summer gets into full swing. How do you go about keeping the humidity level down on those humid days? I would think a dehumidifier would work, but any other ways?
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    Why is my Veiled brown all day?

    Is it normal for a Veiled to remain brown all day, and then turn a nice green when he's sleeping? He is new, I've had him for 4 days now, and I would think tht he would be used to his surroundings by now? I put some pictures below, apologies for the quality.
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    Difficulty with humidity

    Hey everyone! I've had my new Veiled Chameleon for a few days now, and I'm having problems keeping the humidity up. I mist like every hour/hour and a half to keep it up, but it never seems to go past 50. I am going to add in a sac of ice cubes that will drip into a bowl, and I'm debating a...
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