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  1. JuniorC

    Baby cham enjoying some H2O

    Well guys after 4 days of having Rex(baby veiled) I was able to catch him drinking water off his leaf😎 Watch "Baby veiled chameleon" on YouTube
  2. JuniorC

    Help uploading video

    I'm having trouble posting a video it was originally 28 seconds then 15 then 9 and still nothing. How can I upload it? Thanks guys
  3. JuniorC

    New cham coming soon

    Ok so after reading thru this forum plenty of times day and night and asking questions and messaging people for help or advice. I finally got my first cage setup. I've been messing with the lighting to get the temps and humidity right and heres the setup. (I KNOW I will need a bigger cage sooner...
  4. JuniorC

    Dual fixtures

    Ok so learned some stuff on the podcast episode where bill talks to Todd at light your reptiles and understand the lighting concept a little better. My question is for a dual fixture for an Arcadia UVb bulb and a 65k bulb would the following do the job? Or what are some better dual fixtures...
  5. JuniorC

    Pretty interesting post I across

    So while doing random research on the forum I came across this post and I'm no where near an expert but based off what I have learned on here the persons setup was basically what we do not want and according to the owner after posting pics the chameleon was around 1 year old and looking pretty...
  6. JuniorC


    Seeing all these cool hatchlings got me thinking imagine having enough eggs for all this vermiculite wow that would be sooo badass lol
  7. JuniorC


    Sorry guys but I was researching thru the forum but still need advice. For current cage I have a linear 5.0 and also a grow plant bulb for basking light and its helping my pothos grow pretty good. Also going to be building a bigger enclosure and need help with the lighting because I see people...
  8. JuniorC

    Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    Back with more questions. After reading thru the forum I finally looked into Black Soldier Fly Larva and saw they are a good nutritious feeder and also like the fact that they turn into flies and the chameleons can then catch these in their enclosures. So thinking of throwing some dubias in a...
  9. JuniorC

    Dubia diet

    So for gutloading dubias I'm planning on changing up the vegetables I throw in with them every day or so and also throwing in some bee pollen. I saw sells a dubia diet and ingredients dont look too bad would it be a plus to throw some of this in there with them as well?
  10. JuniorC

    Arcadia fixture

    So I've heard about the arcadia t5 lighting and was wondering where have you guys bought your fixtures at? I saw amazon has a brand "sunblaster" fixture. Would that work fine with the arcadia lights or would I need an actual arcadia brand one as well
  11. JuniorC

    zoomed reptivite with d3

    So I noticed these have D3 in them as well. I was planning on doing calcium without D3 everyday and calcium with D3 twice a month and this zoomed vitamin twice a month as well. So now I'm thinking it might be too much D3? Should I just ditch it and replace it with a different vitamin without D3?
  12. JuniorC

    Calcium with D3?

    Ok so I have my calcium without D3 for everyday feeding and also have my vitamins for twice a month for my cham. Only question is what calcium WITH D3 are people using or recommending?
  13. JuniorC

    Live plants soil?

    Ok so for live plants I'm aware you should cover the top layer with river rock to prevent the cham from eating the soil. So I have a few live plants from home depot and gonna be putting some into new containers with indoor miracle grow. Should I be fine as long as I cover the soil? Or must I...
  14. JuniorC

    Help with basking light in Arizona

    Ok cham fam as I'm doing my homework and preparing myself for a chameleon I came across something. So living in the Phoenix, Arizona area our summers are hotttt with that being said our house while we are at work stays between 80° and 83° (not hot but outside feels like an oven) then once we get...
  15. JuniorC

    Gutload recipe for dubias

    Thinking of doing the ice cube method. I saw theres a recipe video that's pretty popular that has been shared around, so from peoples experience would you recommend the same recipe? And how often they be fed? Feed enough for them to eat at night only or make sure they have something at all...
  16. JuniorC


    So I know for veiled chams they only need around 40% humidity during day and above 80% night. With that being said would you recomend a fogger for night time once lights are all off? Or would a misting on a timer system do the job just fine?
  17. JuniorC

    Cage build screen type?

    Need help with choosing the right screen for my new build. I know it's best to use a charcoal aluminum screen. But I've seen aluminum screen and aluminum screen mesh for cheaper. Just need some help picking the right one
  18. JuniorC

    New enclosure/mistking?

    Ok cham fam, as I have mentioned before I've been doing my homework and going to be purchasing a veiled juvenile off FL chams once everything is up and ready for my new guy. Currently have his reptibreeze medium cage ready but going to be starting a custom build. I'm really leaning towards...
  19. JuniorC

    Baby or juvenile veiled?

    Alright cham fam, starting to lean towards making my purchase from FL Chams. So now its between the baby veiled and juvenile veiled. Male obviously. So I messaged them asking the size for the juvies and they are around 6 to 7". So maybe it's just me but I feel that's a bigger size already and I...
  20. JuniorC


    So when buying a veiled chameleon does the bloodline really matter? Or is that more so for Panthers who show more colors? I see theres veiled chameleons on the sponsor sites and then "premium" ones for like a lot higher price. Can someone explain this please
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