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  1. panther21

    my cham is now blind

    My chameleon has been blind for about a year now. I feed him myself every few days. And have to give him a surringe full of water. His color is fine and has survived for along time this way, it is starting to be a hassel tho. I mean I care alot for him but I just feel like he hates his life...
  2. panther21

    I Need Help Quick

    I have had 15 panther eggs for about a week that my girl laid, she was always falling off of her perches before and after egg laying, and became very weak and passed away. Anyway her eggs looked pretty good a week ago and I put them in a closed container with damp vermiculite and they seemed to...
  3. panther21

    How do I set up something for female to lay eggs?

    What do I need to do to construct something for my female to lay her eggs? pics would be helpful.
  4. panther21

    Here are some pics. Pregnant or not?

    Sorry to post again about same topic but here are some pics after I introduced her to male.
  5. panther21

    How can you tell if your panther is gravid or not?

    What type of color does your panther show when she is gravid?
  6. panther21

    Blood after mating

    Two of my chameleons just finished mating and I notice a few drops of blood coming out of the females cloaca. Is this normal? She seemed fine I washed it off but I am just wondering if this is normal?
  7. panther21

    I love how you people hardly ever respond to my posts!!!

    No need to type anything here I never get any feedback.
  8. panther21

    Name this cham. "Its kinda easy"

    Just bred this girl I hope she will be gravid!!
  9. panther21

    Is size an issue with chameleon mating?

    Hi I have tried mating these two for the past few weeks with no success. The male is interested and immediatly tries to mate with the female but she always gets away and he can never get her in the correct position. Is she too small? What is the problem? The last pic is of her getting away...
  10. panther21

    Looking for affortable juvenile female ambilobe panther

    Hey do any of you guys have a female ambilobe for sale?
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