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  1. Debmonster

    4 infertile clutches in a row!!

    I have witnessed the copulation and may have pics too but...all of her clutches have been infertile! I bred a virgin cham to the same male and and she laid 14 beautiful growing eggs! But the cham I bought at a pet store is not taking. She was full grown and said to be an ambilobe and by all the...
  2. Debmonster

    Pic of one day old jacksons eating

    I sitll haven't got "the one". the picture with the tongue at the most longest point. They just found out what their tongue was for :D
  3. Debmonster

    Baby jacksons! (image heavy!!)

    Here's a few pics of the first moments of a jackson baby!
  4. Debmonster

    Jr.'s growing up

    Here's a picture of Jr. I purchased him from Sunshine Chameleons about 3 months ago. He's turning out to be quite the stunner..IMHO
  5. Debmonster

    Woo Hoo - Schools out!!!

    I am done with my classes...Just in time to go to the SBCK Meeting this month. Can't wait to go :D
  6. Debmonster

    Bee sting in the mouth!!!

    Second Stinger OUT!!! Okay, I've been dealing with what I though was guler edema in my female ambilobe for about a month now. I have spent over $400 in vet bills to get absolutely no "real" diagnosis. Today I saw something on her tongue when she was "trying" to eat. I showed her a male...
  7. Debmonster

    Need pics of infertile eggs???

    I searched both the forum and the web for a pic of infertile cham eggs. My female just laid 34 eggs and according to the store I get her from she's never been with a male. By the time I got my males she wanted nothing to do with them (unless they snuck out of their cages in the heat of the...
  8. Debmonster

    My swinging mess

    This is a picture of my husbands nemisis :D When I met him he couldn't handle this...too messy. Now he just chuckles and shakes his head. We're moving in a couple of weeks so I haven't set up my mister...this gets me by though.
  9. Debmonster

    Laying bin

    Here's some pics of a laying bin/pot I put together. All the attachments that I use when she's indoors are not shown (UVB lamp, light, etc.)
  10. Debmonster

    The boyz are in the house!!!

    Here's pics of my 2 new boys. The light colored dude is from Sunshine Chameleons and the red guy is from Lancecham...thank you soo much Lance and Justin...I am sooo happy. :D :D :D I showed these guys a female today and this was their reaction. The light colored dude is about 6 to 7 months...
  11. Debmonster

    Jackson babies @ 2 months - no shed yet?

    My little dudes/dudettes are heading into their 3rd month without a shed. Is that okay? Humidity hovers between 60 to 70%. Does anybody have pictures of 2 or 3 month old Jackson babies?? Thanks, Debs
  12. Debmonster

    Jackson babies enclosures???

    Does anybody breed Jackson's and if so what do you use for baby enclosures. I was using a 12WX10LX12H screen enclosure. I would like to see what other people use. My concern is that my enclosure is too small when they are all together and too big to put a single baby in. I have 3 left from a...
  13. Debmonster

    Pet Store comments..He tweaked me with his attitude

    Just got back from the pet store. I just spoke with the person who ordered the sweet little ambilobe female I have. I asked if he knew if she was from a red or blue bar male. He defiantly stated that all blue bar and red bar ambilobes are crosses. She is an ambliobe and I should find an ambilobe...
  14. Debmonster

    My 3 chams

    Here's some picture of my chams. The Jackson's (Josie & Jessie) have been with me 4 years and Amy Ambilobe has been with us 2 weeks. :)
  15. Debmonster

    Jacksons-Do horns need to shed?

    Here's a picture of my male Jackson. The arrow points to a spot on his horn that looks like a "tourniquet" mis-shed. If so is there something I need to do? :confused: Thanks Debs
  16. Debmonster

    Ambilobe female colors

    I traded some jackson babies for a beautiful female ambilobe. Poor thing was sitting in a pet store for months (they did take great care of her though). Anyway, is there a way to tell if she's red barred or blue barred? Even though I love the colors that the crosses are producing;) , I am a...
  17. Debmonster

    I met somebody at the Supershow today!

    I just got back from the Super Show in Pomona CA. I was waiting to speak with the owners of Amazing Blue Reptiles when I overheard a discussion about items to feed a panther. I had just purchased some discoids so I pulled them out of my purse and said, "These are nice treats". After a brief...
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