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  1. mrvoodoo

    DIY Duplex Furniture Type Enclosure - Any suggestions

    for mine I used a cabinet base to start - put a sheet of cement board (tile backboard) on the top of the cabinet, then I put 1x1 inch ceramic tiles over the board. In the middle of the cabinet I left out a square area and cut out a drain hole for the tub drain. The material I used for the...
  2. mrvoodoo

    DIY Duplex Furniture Type Enclosure - Any suggestions

    That looks like a great plan. That is something I had considered at one time with my cage - the ability to slide a "wall" between the two sides. I simplified it and made it a bit smaller (used a premade cabinet base for the water/pump and storage) I do suggest having something available to...
  3. mrvoodoo

    Mist System Setup

    A little off topic but a little on - figured I'd add it here since you're looking at MistKing. I would never... never buy from... repeat: I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM anybody else They're great people, especially if you need any help or assistance. They come on the forums and...
  4. mrvoodoo

    Hardest post ever...

    When I first started reading this thread I was so sad for you emotionally, especially having just lost my little one and relating to how you must have been feeling. But I am so so happy for you that you were able to get him to come home! Thanks Slowfoot for the advice you gave to SoCali!
  5. mrvoodoo

    Mister trioceratops

    Very good looking Jackson! And great job with the camera
  6. mrvoodoo

    New Jacksons

    Yeah they'll munch on the plants some - I think all chams do at some point in time. My boy didn't munch on them too much though. If he's little - I'd go with something around 18x18x24 - give him plenty of opportunity to get around to find his food. You'll be able to transition him to your...
  7. mrvoodoo

    Just Bought My First Cham!!!

    Absolutely love Paladin - I think when it comes time for us to replace our recent loss, we're going to look a paladin clutch or one from heroic chams
  8. mrvoodoo

    New Quadricornis

    I agree - #1 is an awesome picture!
  9. mrvoodoo

    This makes me so sad/angry

    I agree. I was saddened Tuesday that the only petstore I've personally visited that took care of their chameleons isn't selling them anymore. Everywhere else has them in little plastic boxes (petco, petsmart) or aquariums set on their side with the screen lid in front :/
  10. mrvoodoo

    We lost our Dexter baby

    Thanks for the kind words Jan and everybody. Yes there is a Dexter V2 in the plans for the future.. gotta fill up his several hundred dollar cage sometime, but not just yet and we may try another cham - perhaps a panther (Oorena Meenas are my faves *nosy fally* by appearance) or Mellers if I...
  11. mrvoodoo

    We lost our Dexter baby

    Sunday I noticed he had gone to sleep a little earlier than normal, but didn't really think it was much of anything. About a half hour to 45 minutes before we normally cut his lights off (8pm or so). Monday I woke up, turned his water on and didn't really notice much - he was hiding under his...
  12. mrvoodoo

    December '08 Photo Contest

    I was really tempted by the melleri. It's a pretty good picture and the subject is awesome. I ended up voting for another image which I felt had a better quality image than the mellers (subject's appearance nearly full body and good backdrop). I only voted as such because I've heard the...
  13. mrvoodoo

    Show Stopping Studs

  14. mrvoodoo

    pics of my jackson family!!

    Great looking boys. I love Jackson's.
  15. mrvoodoo

    Stick bugs

    I can't verify the validity of this guy's claim but he claims that one of the many species of stick bugs (the Northern Stick) is legal in the United States to buy, sell, and keep.
  16. mrvoodoo

    Cricket Feeders

    I know what you're going through - the local pet store here is 20 cents a cricket - horribly overpriced. About an hour away that pet store is 3 cents each. I've gotten to where I'm trying to raise my own crickets to avoid having to drive an hour to get a good deal on crickets.
  17. mrvoodoo

    Dexter's Laboratory - finally finished

    Thanks all! I'm no carpenter or I might have been able to get away a little cheaper on it. If you've got the money to purchase a cabinet base the rest is easy. Buy a tile backboard - cement I believe.. don't use sheet rock because it'll mold if it gets wet. Cut it to fit the top of the base...
  18. mrvoodoo

    Pics of Enclosures

    Here's Dexter's cage that I built
  19. mrvoodoo

    Pics of some boys

    Falys are probably my absolute favorite of all of the chams. My wife is partial to the ambilobes though. We're going to have to work on converting a room to a cham room and finding ourselves some good falys and ambilobes... I'd really like to get a mellers sometime too.
  20. mrvoodoo

    Sexual harassment by my Chameleon

    This thread is hilarious, poor thumb and sleeve and glove and whatever else they attack :P
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