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  1. Provancha65

    Let us see your red/orange panthers

    For everyone out there with panthers with rich red coloration, let us see your boys on display. I will start off by sharing one of the coolest crimson colored chameleons I have ever had the pleasure of owning, Orion, son of Rich at Kammerflage Kreations, followed by Mr. Rogers, sired by...
  2. Provancha65

    Nosy Boys in Blue

    2 Bes and a Faly: sorry for the poor photo quality, it is the unfortunate result of the Oregon winter and a poor camera. George beginning a shed. Blue Raja with a terminator eye. And the Professor giving grouch lessons.
  3. Provancha65

    Male Panthers for sale

    Exceptional Male Ambilobe, Nosy Be, Ambanja, Sambava for sale. We currently are letting a few of our male breeders go as both myself and my partner have had dramatic changes in our lives regarding career and education advancement. First up is Orion the year old ambilobe. Orion is my personal...
  4. Provancha65

    Orion and our new Faly

    Here is Orion enjoying his new setup, other than the camera in his face he seems much happier with the rearrangement. (Sorry for the poor lighting, were approaching winter in Oregon and sunlight is very sparse, also keep in mind he is mid-shed). Here is our most recent and final acquisition...
  5. Provancha65

    Female with wedding dress-ish shed and a quick pic of Decimus

    Interesting shed for Justice, our female ambilobe sired by Noki. And here is a quick update on Decimus while partially fired up, being held by a relative. I will be a jerk eventually and grab a photo of him fully fired up around another male. Image is a little blurry as it is cold in...
  6. Provancha65

    Silkmoths: Mating and egg images

    Here are a few of the images of our silkmoth project that I am compiling for research and data purposes in order to better improve the methods used for cultivation. Apologies for the gross fingernails :(, literally cut them right after the photos were taken.
  7. Provancha65

    Our little girl is actually a little dude

    Here are some progression images of our ambilobe male, sold to us as a 4 month old female, which we discovered was impossible upon her arrival, by someone here on the forums. He was sired by Franklin Jr. and is developing some exceptional color for his actual estimated age of around 4.5 months.
  8. Provancha65

    Line Breeding

    Before I enrage anyone into thinking I participate in allowing sibling copulation or anything of that nature, I would just like to say this post is merely an inquiry into the subject of 'responsible' line breeding. I recently procured a female that is a distant relation to one of my panthers...
  9. Provancha65

    Naturalistic Gorgeous George Michael(Pic Heavy)

    George gave us a show today while enjoying the remaining sun Oregon has to offer.
  10. Provancha65

    Blue Raja being blue

    Blue Raja basking in the last of the summer sun.
  11. Provancha65

    Fred visits the vet, bites off a little bit of my thumb:(

    Bit of an over exaggeration, Mr. Rogers(Fred) had to visit the vet today because he was developing an eye/sinus infection from an incomplete shed a few weeks ago, during the flush process he decided he had endured enough of our shenanigans and that I would be the one paying the price. Fred...
  12. Provancha65

    Close up in the sun compilation

    Here is a close up compilation of our male breeding lines enjoying the outdoors. Gorgeous George Micheal Orion Gemini Tony Clifton (The baggy tissue under his eye is left over from an issue that he endured prior to our ownership) Blue Raja Atraxia Sambava Unnamed. Not...
  13. Provancha65

    Quick Deploy Outdoor Community Free Range

    From left to right" Decimus Ambilobe, Tony Clifton/Ambilobe, Blue Raja/Nosy Be, Atraxia Sambava(Unammed still:( ), Mr. Rogers/Ambilobe, and Gemini/Ambanja. Orion/Ambilobe and George/Nost Be are not allowed on the free range, as they would cause conflict, we even have a picture of the two after...
  14. Provancha65

    Very interesting street art

    Here is a link to the flickr album. Not sure if this has already been posted.
  15. Provancha65

    My Male Sambava from Ataraxia

    My new Sambava male from Ataraxia, still have not decided on a name, he is around 9 months of age and apparently is obsessed with eating honey bees when outdoors.
  16. Provancha65

    Orion claiming his domain

    Orion actively enforced his authority today when the rest of the Colony took a field trip outdoors. No challenge is too great for the up and coming tyrant of Spectrum Squamata, only George was willing to temporarily stand-up to Orion before backing down. For a male that I had literally no...
  17. Provancha65

    Chameleon Art

    Hello everyone, just wanted to see what you guys thought about the artwork for our logo.
  18. Provancha65

    Apparently Gemini was ready to look amazing today

    No opposing male agitation, no females nearby. He just felt like it was necessary to show off his colors today.
  19. Provancha65

    Reputable Herp Vet in the Northwest

    I am looking for a reputable herp vet in the greater Northwest region, I am currently located in Salem, Oregon and only had positive interactions with a single veterinarian within a 50 mile radius of my location, but we are currently at the point where our knowledge base is relatively on par...
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