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  1. lbesok

    Problem With Gout

    Chameleon Info: *Your Chameleon- Lula. Female Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. She is over 3 years old, has been in my care now for a little over a year, and was cared for by a close friend of mine prior to that. * Handling - I currently only handle her when necessary to feed, provide meds, or...
  2. lbesok

    A few shots of the kids

    I've been busy with work and these photos of a few of my kids are long over due. Vega Mufasa Sid Jr. Joppa Sarabi Sarabi's daughter Lula Gizmo
  3. lbesok

    Look at these BEAUTIFUL Ambilobe Girls

    I have these gorgeous 10 month old female Ambilobe panthers for sale. These girls are my hold backs from Mufasa and Sarabi. They are friendly and healthy and have been eating a variety of insects including crickets, houseflies, dubia, silkworms, hornworms and Phoenix worms. Two of these girls #4...
  4. lbesok

    LOOK At This Stunning Male Ambilobe Panther

    I have this GORGEOUS 9 month old CB male for sale. He is one of my hold backs from Mufasa and Sarabi. With these amazing bright colors now just think what he'll look like in a few more months. He does have a nipped tail, you can see in the pictures, from when he was a baby in the tub with...
  5. lbesok

    Juvenile Ambilobe Panthers

    Here we have three, five month old, 100% pure, blue bar Ambilobe Chameleons available from Mufasa and Sarabi. These gorgeous males show a variety of vibrant colors including green, yellow, red, orange, and blue based on general temperament. These guys have been eating a variety of insects...
  6. lbesok

    Eggs Hatching, is THIS NORMAL???

    Today my boyfriend called to say that something funny was hatching out of our FIRST expected panther eggs that were laid at the end of March. We had been anticipating them to hatch, as they had shrunken in size.... (notice the size difference in the two eggs) For the entire incubation, they...
  7. lbesok

    Fan at night?

    Should the fan that circulates the room be set on the timer with the lights, or is it alright to run it on low at night? Thanks.
  8. lbesok

    Trio of Baby Ambi

    Just wanted to share these three little panthers that came in today, of which one will be mine ;) They are all tubbing it together for now though..... They remind me soooo much of Cleopatra and Sheva when I first got them just earlier this summer, but oh how they grow :eek:
  9. lbesok

    Goblin babies!!!

    Hey you guys, I just wanted to share the two new little Goblins I picked up from Noelle (Glittergloomgirl) & Chris this past weekend! We believe the larger to be male, and the smaller female. Would you agree? I'm SOOOOO excited, they are going to grow up to be stunners! I'm still working on...
  10. lbesok

    03' NASA Uses Satellites to Reveal New Chameleon Species

    I ran across this very interesting information this morning and would like to share it in case it hasn't already been addressed. In short NASA has used satellites measurements of earths surface and climate to predict likely locations significant both for conservation and revealing undiscovered...
  11. lbesok

    Melleri Sex Revealed?

    So this morning I was observing my Mellers, and the small "male" Rambo who is usually in his tree, migrated to a horizontal perch to get a closer look at Shera on her near by horizontal perch. Then I witness "him" clicking and flapping at "her"! I got it on video, but can't find the cable to...
  12. lbesok

    New Pair of Melleri

    This past weekend my boyfriend and I purchased a pair of WC Melleri from Nick Mole at First Choice Reptiles. They both seem to be fairing well, though I am a little concerned with the larger one who is/has been showing gray/white colors with yellow stripes. "She" at two big dubia on Sat and...
  13. lbesok

    Mufasa's Crazy Courtship Colors!

    I was so excited that Surabi finally became receptive today, and Mufasa got hooked up. Just wanted to share his awesome coloration. A couple a days before: The display: The play: Afterwards:
  14. lbesok

    A Few Photos of Vega

    We went outside today for a few photos, and Vega seemed not only cooperative but photogenic! The extent of time we have had him and his unique personality are just a couple of reasons why he is one of my favorite chameleons. The last picture was actually taken earlier this month. Let me...
  15. lbesok

    Chameleon Taxidermy?

    I saw this Jacksons on E-bay and was wondering if anyone else has heard of/done this? How can they be preserved with the colors and everything...
  16. lbesok

    Ambilobe Pictures Then and Now!

    Our female Surabi, surprised me today, I went in and she was orange! Just wanted to share some pics of the Ambilobes. Surabi 10/04/07 ~3mo. Surabi 12/06/07 ~5mo. 58g Mufasa 07/15/07 ~3mo. Mufasa 12/06/07 ~8mo. 72g
  17. lbesok

    Female Receptivity

    Hello, I just had a few questions about females receptivity. Does anyone know, once females have reached sexual maturity typically how often they become receptive if they have not bred. Is it like once a month, and if you miss the receptive period, do you have to wait until the next month, or...
  18. lbesok

    $15 F. Veiled on Tampa Craigslist

    Just in case anyone was interested in giving her a home:
  19. lbesok

    Female Nosy Be of Breeding Age

    I was looking for a virgin female Nosy that was ready to breed for my male. I saw the ones on Fauna classifieds, but those are only 6 mo. Just was hoping someone else might know of something.
  20. lbesok

    Suggestions on Mufasa's MBD

    Cage Info: ·Cage Type – All screen cage 16*16*30 ·Lighting – I’m using a reptisun 5.0 tube, lights on @7 off @7. He has a basking light as well. ·Temperature – The temps range from 85-98 during the day with the basking spot reaching the higher 90’s. Tonight the temperature is currently 91...
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