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  1. reptoman

    In Seach of pygmy species

    If you have pygmys of any type please let me know. Brevs, Spectral, acuminatus, brookesia....etc. phone 972 841 9313 or email [email protected] Thanks! Brian
  2. reptoman

    Chameleon Cages in Dallas TX area

    I have qty 3 - 24x24x48 aluminum screen cages for sale. The empty one is $50. The other 2 are $100 each and have a large Schefflera Arboicola and Pothos plant with natural branches included. Each of the planted cages also include a mistking nozzle for each. Take all 3 for $200. Local pickup in...
  3. reptoman

    Trioceros Hoehnelli trio for sale $480 shipped

    T. Hoehnelli trio for sale. I have decided to let our 2 males and 1 CB female go. This trio is $480 shipped. These are all unrelated. The males came in last summer in a shipment from Kenya and the female is from a litter born from the WC female we got from that same shipment. All are in perfect...
  4. reptoman

    LTC Female T. Johnstonii

    $300 shipped or $250 picked up in Dallas TX area. I have had this female for over a year. She is in perfect condition. Our male passed a while back and I don't have plans to get another male. This female should go to a breeding group. call/text 972 841 9313 or email - [email protected]
  5. reptoman

    CB Hoehnelli - Kenya variety - Valentines Special!!!

    We have some captive born Trioceros Hoehnelii (high casque or helmeted) Chameleons available. Born 10/13/14. These are $90 plus shipping. We have 7 males available. Discount for multiple purchase. They are starting to show some nice color and eat like pigs. They do require a misting system and...
  6. reptoman

    Ambilobe Panther female sale!!!!!!

    Ambilobe female sale!!!!!!!! We have so many females that we are offering some at wholesale pricing. We have ages ranging from 3 to 7 months. $85 plus shipping for each. Multiples can be shipped in the same box so you only pay shipping cost once if you buy more than one. 3 different...
  7. reptoman

    Cpt Kirk and Shortcake Ambilobe babies!!!

    Kirk and Shortcake - Ambilobe babies available!!! Take a minute to check the date of hatch on these guys. They hatched the week of 09/19/14. That puts them at barely over 2 months old. They are already as big as most 3 month olds that I have seen and eating 1/2" crickets and slightly smaller...
  8. reptoman

    Adult male Ambilobe. Super red lines!!!!

    We have decided to sell Chekov. I need to make room for different lines so will have to let him go. He is in perfect health and eats pretty much anything offered. Pics below are from an hour ago. He is from Sulu/Fiona (lineage sheet attached) date of hatch 09/20/2013 so he is just over a year...
  9. reptoman

    Panther Chameleon Hand Painted Coasters!!!!!

    Hello chameleon lovers! We have some hand painted coasters with a panther chameleon image (Scotty from Crazy Eyes Chams) that was hand carved by my talented Niece into a stamp to be replicated and hand detailed with acrylic paints. The coasters are 4" leather discs that are smooth on...
  10. reptoman

    Trioceros Johnstonii mating!!

    We had what appears to be a successful mating yesterday with our Johnstonii female and a male that Biffle (Jason) was kind enough to loan out to us for breeding purposes. The male was only out of the box 5 minutes and started head bobbing at the female so I put them together right away. I...
  11. reptoman

    Ambilobe female Memorial day sale!!!!

    I have some 6 month old Sulu/Shortcake females DOH 11/01/13 for $175 shipped. I have 3 month old Scotty/Iris females DOH 02/01/14 for $150 shipped. Pics of some of the available females at the link below...
  12. reptoman

    Lygodactylus williamsi female

    I recently acquired a male and want a female for a breeding project. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks! Brian 972 841 9313. [email protected]
  13. reptoman

    CB Mt Meru Females

    I have 2 Chamaeleo Jacksoni Merumontana girls for sale. $275 shipped for one or $475 shipped for both. These babies were from a WC female that came in with an import in late 2012. They were born 12/01/2013 See pictures below. The black marks on the stick are 1/2" indicators for size...
  14. reptoman

    Sulu / Shortcake male 5 months

    See pics of the available male. He is showing some really nice color for 5 months. DOH 11/01/13 $275 shipped or $225 picked up in Richardson Texas. Live arrival and a 10 day health guarantee. Lineage sheet available through email. Please PM here or contact through email at...
  15. reptoman

    7 month old blue bar from Sulu

    See pics of the available male. He is showing some really nice color combos and is very easy going for a sub adult. $300 shipped or $250 picked up in Richardson Texas. Live arrival and a 10 day health guarantee. Please PM here or contact through email at [email protected]
  16. reptoman

    My Sulu keeper

    I made my final decision on which one to keep from the Sulu/Fiona clutch. Here is Chekov! DOH 09/20/14 so this guy is just over 5 months old. The last pic is the sire, Sulu, at roughly the same age.
  17. reptoman

    Chameleon coasters

    My niece is a junior in high school and started making leather discs into custom painted coasters with floral patterns and selling them on her etsy page. I told her that a chameleon would be perfect for her coasters but she really surpassed anything I had in mind. I sent her a couple pics of...
  18. reptoman

    Feeding dubia with a stick.

    I was stick feeding our newest keeper, Serak, some dubia today and thought it would make a nice video. I feed all our panthers like this starting from the time they are big enough to have dubia nymphs. The nymphs climb on the wooden barbecue skewer easily and the babies usually pick them off...
  19. reptoman

    Meru babies update

    These little ones were born December 1st and are all doing great. I would like to get some opinions on the number of males vs females from this group of 11. Feel free to post away if you have a guess or comment. I provided the link to my album on here and our Facebook page below. Thanks...
  20. reptoman

    Meru babies

    I took some new pics of the Meru babies this morning. They are starting to show white on their horns and growing well. The mama is doing well too. I have a bunch more pics of the 2 adult females, Laverne and Shirley, and the babies at the album in the link below...
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