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  1. koabich

    Spyder Robotics Herpstat Pro Bundle

    For sale is a Herpstat Pro Bundle. This is the unit that comes with the USB cable, Data loader and Uploader software so that the firmware can be updated. The current firmware on the unit was custom developed/written for me by the owner of Spyder Robotics. The firmware is identical to the...
  2. koabich

    ProMist - PM 60 System - Like NEW

    For sale is a ProMist PM 60. It is in BRAND NEW condition. It was purchased as a back-up to my main system and has been lightly used. It is in the same condition as it was when it was new, in both function and appearance). This system comes with the following: 1) PMP-60 Pump and...
  3. koabich

    FREE Male Ambilobe to a good home

    I have recently lost my job and it's getting tough to take care of this guy with little income coming in. I am looking to give him to a good home and would prefer to give him to someone with experience in chams. He is a male Ambilobe Panther from Kammerflage Creations. He will be 2 years...
  4. koabich

    8.5 Month Ambilobe - Sleeping

    Hello, Here is a recent pick I took of my Ambilobe sleeping. It was taken December 26th, 2007. He is approximately 8.5 months old in the picture. Hope you like. Joe
  5. koabich

    Male Ambilobe plus Set-up - 100% complete

    For sale I have a near 7 month Male Ambolibe Panther Chameleon from the Kammers with complete set-up that's 100% complete, top grade equipment nothing else is needed except maybe a timer (not mandatory but definately nice). For pictures please see my gallery. The pictures in my gallery show...
  6. koabich

    Humidity Controller

    In the never ending quest to fully automate my Cham enclousure, the last thing I needed was a humitity controller. I current have a Spyder Robotics Herpstat Pro which automates lighting/heating (it is pricey but worth much more, it's an awesome peice of equipment that I highly recommend. Even...
  7. koabich

    Ambilobe Panther Picts - 4.5 Months

    Hello all, Just thought I would pass along some pictures of my Cham I took last night. He's a 4.5 month old Ambilobe Panther from the Kammer's. He is quite an amazing guy. I took this picture the other night. He was exactly 4.5 months when it was taken. Couldn't be happier with him or...
  8. koabich

    MG Reptiles??

    Anyone know what happened to MG Reptiles?
  9. koabich

    Eye will not close

    Cage Info: Cage Type - 3'H x 3'L x 2'D - not a screened cage but has a screen top and 8 large vents throughout the cage Lighting - 36" Reptisun 5.0 and 2 basking bulbs - 100 watt and 150 watt Temperature - Basking 92F down to room temp. Coldest it will get in the winter is 62F. Humidity -...
  10. koabich

    My Panther Set-up

    Here is my Ambilobe Panther Set-up. Got the Cham 3 weeks ago from Kammerflage. Liddy has been incredible to work with and I cannot imagine getting a Cham anywhere else. The cage is a custom unit from Cages By Design. It is 36”H x 36”L x 24”D and has a matching Cages By Design Stand on the...
  11. koabich

    Any recommended Vets in the Detroit, MI area

    Hello, My panther comes tomorrow from Kammerflage and I am all set and ready to go. Just wondering if there were any recommended vets in the Detroit, Michigan area? Thanks in advance for your help. Joe
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