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  1. blackhawk

    For Sale - Holdback Ambilobies

    We have 2 holdbacks from our Red Body Blue Bar "Truk" line. Around 3.5 months old, they are showing lots of potential with reds and oranges coming in strongly. These big boys are eating 3/4" crickets, hornworms and silkworms are look to be showcase animals with maturity in another few months...
  2. blackhawk

    Ambilobies - High Red!

    We have a clutch of premium Ambilobies showing lots of reds ready to go! Sired by our beautiful red body blue barred "Truk", these little guys are well started at over 3 months of age and the males are really starting to display their colors. Dam's bloodline is from our "Tarawa" line. The...
  3. blackhawk

    Nosy Faly baby fired up

    Had a faly hatch out about a month ago and have been raising him by himself - now the others are starting to hatch and he's not happy to share his enclosure. As babies, its funny how they are fine together for a couple of months but if kept alone for a few days - no matter how young - its zero...
  4. blackhawk

    Blue Bar Ambanja Holdback

    For sale is a holdback blue bar Ambanja hatched 11/29/2012. Eating 3/4" crickets and medium/large silkworms, this guy is developing some awesome blue barring. Very calm personality like his dad (Iwo, a retired breeder), this beautiful cham would make a perfect breeder or display animal. Live...
  5. blackhawk

    Alive and Kickin'

    Meet Leckie. Made a trade over the weekend for a 7 month old Faly which was shipped via FedEx priority overnight on Monday. The guy took it to his nearby FedEx store where - through a series of screw ups - the package disappeared. Never scanned so not traceable. Thursday, the package ends up...
  6. blackhawk

    Adult Male Blue Bar AMBANJA

    Looking to sell "Iwo", my adult male BB Ambanja. From Chuck G's (Heroic Chameleons) "Galactus" line, he hatched 11/15/2011. Velvety blue bars on a light blue background, red speckles and red streaks in his face when he gets excited. He's an awesome boy, very calm, will eat from your hand and...
  7. blackhawk

    Breeding at 4.5 Months

    "Truk" hatched out 4.5 months ago (November 20) and look at him now! And this is the second female he's been with. Last week was his debut with the ladies. Attaboy! (Hopefully he isn't shooting blanks at this age.)
  8. blackhawk


    Blue Bar Ambanjas for sale from my Iwo + Basilone line. I have a handful of males and some very large females available at 7"+ snout to tail tip. Hatched 12/17/2012, these guys are really growing fast eating 5/8" crickets and medium silkworms. Males are 275, females 175 - PRICE INCLUEDS...
  9. blackhawk

    Thoughts from a show

    So I decided to take a shot at a Reptile show this weekend. Hadnt done one in over 10 years and it was only 20 minutes away so what the heck. Sold more than I expected, met and talked to a lot of great people and made some very helpful business contacts. All in all a pretty good experience...
  10. blackhawk

    Blue Bar Ambilobe Holdbacks!

    Check this monster out - 2.5 months old and 7" long snout to tail tip. Showing tons of color with lots of reds coming in! $275 + shipping, Females available for $150. See more at The Jungle Panther facebook page...
  11. blackhawk

    Blue Bar Ambilobe babies!

    Blue Bar Ambilobe babies from our Tarawa + Betio line are now available! Colors and bars just coming in. All are at least 4" from snout to tail tip and eating 1/2" crickets and small silkworms. $200/males, $150/females + shipping. Live arrival and 7 day health guarantee. Last clutch sold out...
  12. blackhawk

    Blue Bar Ambilobe Holdbacks!

    Blue Bar Ambilobe holdbacks from my Tarawa/Betio Line. 3 months old on Dec 30th - showing lots of beautiful colors with reds coming in! Eating 3/8 - 1/2 inch crickets, silk and hornworms. $225+shipping. Check out The Jungle Panther on Facebook for more pics.
  13. blackhawk

    Panther locale opinion desired

    What do you think? This male was purchased at 2 months of age from a wild caught female that came into the country as a Nosy Faly. Now that he's a year old I guess its safe to say that there will be no red rain (except for a fleck here and there) but the blues on this guy are incredible - which...
  14. blackhawk

    Arcadia Lights

    It was time to replace my reptisun 5.0 bulbs this week so I decided to try the Arcadia D3 lights that many have talked about on this forum. After talking with Todd at Light Your Reptiles, I decided to go with the 6.0 type. What is really appealing to me regarding the Arcadia lights is that...
  15. blackhawk

    SolarTech 6.2 solar meter

    Does anyone know where I can get a solar tech 6.2 solar meter at a decent price? Thanks!
  16. blackhawk

    Wanted: Jacksonii Jacksonii

    Am interested in obtaining a pair or trio of Mt Kenya Jackson Chameleons (jacksonii jacksonii).
  17. blackhawk

    Longest gestation

    I have a large older female panther that was bred to a younger male 36 days ago. She exhibits the gravid coloration yet continues to eat everything offered to her and dosen't attempt any digging when put in her laying bin. Thinking that the breeding didn't take place, I introduced her to the...
  18. blackhawk

    Nosy Faly stud service needed

    I have a couple of mature female Nosy Falys that I'd like to have bred. They are supposed to be captive hatched but I suspect the guy I bought them from is dishonest and I'm begining to have serious doubts that these gals are indeed Faly. I've had them for 2 months. I had fecals performed on...
  19. blackhawk

    Can you I.D. this panther?

    This is a 4 1/2 month old panther chameleon and though I know what its supposed to be, I was wondering if any of you experts had any opinion as to its locale and why.
  20. blackhawk

    Male Panther won't breed

    I had two Ambanja females ready to go with smooth pink coloration. I placed the first one in the male Ambanja's enclosure on the 20th of last month and he immediatly went to work. I kept her in his cage for two days and she developed strong gravid coloration (she laid 30 good looking eggs over...
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