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  1. Davecameos

    One of my pfefferi

    This is one of my pfefferi. I like working with small and less common species. Not a good pic. They are quite shy.
  2. Davecameos

    UK F1 boehmei

    Hi I have some lovely F1 kinyongia boehmei males available. Great animals to watch. Very healthy and doing all they are supposed to do. Feel free to PM for questions. We in based in Oxfordshire, UK
  3. Davecameos

    Babies pics

    Hi Some pictures of my F1 boehmei clutch. They are about 5 weeks old. I really like this species. Some photos are a bit blurry because they are fast!
  4. Davecameos

    Acuminatus babies

    Hi all, I just wanted to share some pics of my youngsters. I did not know there were eggs incubating in a bio vivarium which I left empty for some time. Suddenly one day I saw these babies. They are doing great and they are about 2.5 months old. I was surprised on how easy they have been. :)...
  5. Davecameos

    Some pics of the little ones

    I was trying my best to find them in their vivs lol
  6. Davecameos

    R. Acuminatus

    Just sharing some pics of my acuminatus
  7. Davecameos

    k. Boehmei

    Hi everyone Just sharing some pics of my boehmei chams. They are so lovely and think people do not give them enough credit. I have not paired them yet. Looking forward to that.
  8. Davecameos

    K. Boehmei Bio active setup

    Hi everyone, I would like to prepare a bioactive viv for this specie. I have no experience with bioactive setups and I wonder what people do when females are ready to lay. Do you provide a lay bin in this case? Thanks :)
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