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  1. Echoezra

    It's harder to come back here than I thought it would be

    Ugh. That's two replies I wrote that disappeared. So much for this new app. Lol. So for a third time... Thank you all for the kind words and TDC - also the virtual hug. I needed it :) Jannb - I can't imagine what you've been going through. And I'm so very sorry for your losses and very sorry I...
  2. Echoezra

    It's harder to come back here than I thought it would be

    Thanks ferret, for your kind words. :)
  3. Echoezra

    It's harder to come back here than I thought it would be

    Hi guys. Did you miss me? I finally got around to reinstalling Tapatalk on my cell so I could check in with you guys. I know I havent been on much since I lost Trillian last summer, as it was really hard on me. But I think I didn't know what hard was. And I don't know if I'm going to be able...
  4. Echoezra

    Psst! Pj pics. :)

    I know, good thing lime green is one of my most favorite colours! Haha. It's funny though, obviously you expect lime green on a mitsio, but the faly, in daylight, it doesn't register as lime green, he's basically a combination of a teal blue and an ice blue (where white should be) and then some...
  5. Echoezra

    Psst! Pj pics. :)

    Hey guys, I've been very neglectful to you all here on the forums lately, and I was thinking about you guys today, i miss you. So I thought I'd pop in and say hey. And as its rude to do that without having a picture update, lol, I snuck a couple quick pajama pictures for you. (They are asleep...
  6. Echoezra

    Strange things your cham is afraid of?

    Silkworms. Lol. My theory is he thinks they're little worm mummies (they do look like that to me, lol!)
  7. Echoezra

    Red is the birthday boy today

    Aw, he's a cutey, I'm glad he had a nice birthday. :) My cats turn 18 in a few weeks, and my dog turns 12 in June. I guess Zaphod must have a birthday coming up soon too. Must have missed Zelig's. I hope all of our pets have many many more birthdays...
  8. Echoezra

    Chams on your shoulder?

    I have tiny little shoulders so they always want to migrate to my head. lol. oh, and i wear glasses, so they see the arm of the glasses and think it must be a nice inviting ladder. Then as they're pulling my hair, their tail is swishing around in my face looking for something to grab onto, and...
  9. Echoezra

    good television?

    If you're really bored, you could start watching The 4400. I just started that one, I'm a couple episodes in. It's not awesome so far, but its something to watch you know, in the middle of the day when there's nothing on normal tv. :) then we could watch it "together" and go "what do you think...
  10. Echoezra

    Zelig had his eye closed this afternoon

    Just an update guys, his eyes have been fine since, so I guess it was just a temporary irritation. Thank goodness. Knock on wood. :)
  11. Echoezra

    Any other Canadians ?

    There's more of us than you think. ;) I'm from southern Ontario, but I did spend my honeymoon out east. A couple months in Sackville, NB, a month in Dartmouth (it was cheaper than Halifax) and we went to PEI for a day. That was a long time ago though. Always thought maybe we'd head back one...
  12. Echoezra

    Zelig had his eye closed this afternoon

    Well guys, both eyes are open this morning!!! :) phew. It seems to be looking normal. Anything special I should be doing, as a follow up, to keep it that way?
  13. Echoezra

    Zelig had his eye closed this afternoon

    Ok thank you (I honestly just wasn't sure if it was the same as saline as I never use the stuff)
  14. Echoezra

    Zelig had his eye closed this afternoon

    Thanks, yeah I knew about the shower thing, its a bit troublesome at the moment so I just tried for a shower like experience within the cage. I will run the mist king more frequently tomorrow to keep humidity extra high, and then I will be hand misting with warm water in our spray bottle. It's...
  15. Echoezra

    Zelig had his eye closed this afternoon

    Ok guys, panicky mom time. I came home from work and my son told me that Zelig has had his eye closed for hours. I looked and sure enough his left eye was closed. Not only closed but like totally sucked in to the socket like not bulging out at all. So, here's me freaking. Ok so my son said he...
  16. Echoezra

    good television?

    I've found some good movies lately, but haven't started too many of the tv shows. The latest one I've gotten into is probably Fringe.
  17. Echoezra

    Not Drinking Water

    Also watch the temperature of the water you use to spray. Many will prefer to stick around and be misted if the water is warmer. It cools a bit as it comes out of the nozzle, so if you start with warmer water then its not as "shocking" when it hits them. For a little while my one guy preferred...
  18. Echoezra

    Happy birthday hoj

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope its superfun!! :)
  19. Echoezra

    Vitamin A Supplementing

    Sandra what do you think is the best gutload items for supplying preformed A?
  20. Echoezra

    Converting misting heads to drippers?

    Just keep in mind, they may prefer to drink from a drip, but before you change it all up completely, just double check how losing the misting portion of the spray will affect your humidity?
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