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    Plant questions.

    Hello everybody, My little veiled spud is doing great. I was wondering about new live plants. Does anyone know if a "money tree" is ok to put in the enclosure I also have silver mimosa (acacia baleyana) and passion melon vine (passiflora quadrangularis) that would be nice for him to climb...
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    Some more questions

    Hello, I've posted some pictures of my veiled and his home. Hes a male I believe due to the spurs on his back feet. I was wondering if anyone new some tell tale signs for guessing how old he is and how old baby chameleons are before they show there colours? My little guy is a general green all...
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    Dripper question

    I have a new chameleon and everything is going great but I have a question. My little guy ( his body's about 2 to 3 in.) was walking through the dripper the as if showering will it hurt him? it drips about 4 to 6 inches. He seems fine. Mel
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    A little help

    My baby veiled chameleon was hanging off the ceiling of the cage and his mouth was open he just finished eating and drinking. Is it normal for them to chill with there mouth open?...he closed it when i touched him.
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    Sad and lost

    I am a reptile lover and got interested in chameleons. A month or so ago I decide I was going to have my own pet chameleon and I went to the pet store to look at them. The lady helping me seem to know alot and owned one herself. Long story short she told me to research and set up first, which i...
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