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    Sick panther needs help

    Hi, my male panther is sick :( i may have been the guilty party... about a week ago i all of a sudden noticed his listlessness and sunken eyes, after which i became extremely worried and began treatments of long showers, pedialyte baths, natural sunlight etc Chameleon Info: Your...
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    Some pictures of my panther

    Took him out for a quick shoot a week ago, hes about 7-8 months old
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    Please review my panther's weight - with pictures

    Hello, I'm a very paranoid reptile keeper, i also have a green tree monitor who is just thriving and doesnt give me an issue in terms of husbandry, but this guy just worries me for some reason! I think as he grows i dont know what to expect hehe, my first cham. He's about 7-8 months now :)...
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    Rescue veiled - need some opinions

    Good afternoon, im new to chameleons myself but have reptile experience. My only cham is a baby panther but now i just went and rescued this veiled. Seller assured me he was healthy and i extended some basic human trust. We met in the middle of nowhere and i got the cham, which i gave a quick...
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