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  1. jukeboxpunk

    Help w/ Reptaid

    I just recently purchased reptaid for my chameleon just as a precausionary means of preventing health issues. I have the instructions with me; however, I have no access to a gram scale; therefore I can not accurately weigh my cham in order to administer the proper dosage. My chameleon is...
  2. jukeboxpunk

    Chameleon Behavior

    In the past few days my cham has been acting very weird in the sense that he is patrolling his enclosure more frequently, almost like he wants out of the enclosure. Im thinking this may be due to the heat lamp I replaced last week. It is a 120w sun glo bulb for plants. It produces a basking...
  3. jukeboxpunk

    Tantrum gone wrong

    Today my 4.5 month old cham flipped out while in his enclosure. My fiance and I were decorating our xmas tree, when all of a sudden we see our cham running a muck in his enclosure. The cham's enclosure is a full rooms length away so i know we were not doing anything to disturb it. It appeared...
  4. jukeboxpunk

    Finally, Pics of My New Enclosure

    So here are the anticipated pics of my new enclosure. Check out how I placed my pothos and feeding cup. Cool idea huh!:D
  5. jukeboxpunk

    Veiled eating Orchid Moss

    I recently added a golden pothos plant that I cleaned and re-potted. I also used the coconut substrate for soil. I also added a layer of Orchid Moss as a top layer, above the substrate. My veiled has recently started eating the moss that is soaked with water. Is this normal and should I be...
  6. jukeboxpunk

    Pothos and Chams

    I have read the plant resource section on the type of plants that chams come in contact with. I just recently noticed my pothos leaves are being chomped on by something. The pothos is from the depot and I had removed the original soil prior to placing it in the enclosure. I also washed the...
  7. jukeboxpunk

    Peacock Chameleon (Chamaeleo widershiemi)

    I am looking for some pics of a Chamaeleo widershiemi or Peacock chameleon. I have heard these guys are small but very colorful. I wanted to see what they looked like and if they are a chameleon worth breeding or just having as an addition.
  8. jukeboxpunk

    Chams and Their Colors...What do they mean?

    I am fully aware that chams change their colors and different patterns appear given the situation and stress level. But what do the colors and patterns specifically mean? Are they sometimes happy or nervous and how can you really tell which to associate with? Hopefully this will answer some...
  9. jukeboxpunk

    Hello from NH!

    This is kind of late. But I have recently joined the site, about a week and half ago. I have commented on a few of the forums here and for the most part, everyone has been welcoming. I hail from Concord, NH. My fiance and I are both pursuing our degrees. She is pursuing a masters in speech...
  10. jukeboxpunk


    I recently bought a veiled chameleon from an expo in Manchester NH. The chameleon is about 2 months old and has been eating crickets from my hand in addition to crickets on the side of the cage and on the branches. So overall very healthy, eating between 10 - 20 daily. I have provided...
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