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  1. himynameiznick

    CrazyEyesChams Gallery

    This thread is for pictures of chameleons that came from the fantastic breeders over at CrazyEyesChams Be sure to include cham age and who the parents are!!! This is Boomer He came from the 9/1/13 batch of Sulu/Ahura
  2. himynameiznick

    Panther Chameleon Lay Box OUTSIDE of Habitat?

    This might be a weird and stupid question but has anyone ever heard of or had experience taking a gravid female panther chameleon when she is showing signs of looking for a place to deposit eggs and removing her from her habitat and placing her in a lay box outside of her habitat? This is the...
  3. himynameiznick

    Carlos Danger Color Development

    This thread is for the color development of Carlos Danger, my ambilobe Kammer baby Cant wait to see his amazing color development First day I got him from the Reptile Super Show 5.5 Months
  4. himynameiznick

    Bowser Color Development

    Just wanted to start a thread to show Bowser's color development as he grows. He is an ambilobe panther and I got him from Crazy Eyes Chams.
  5. himynameiznick

    Panther Chameleon Setup-Critique Please

    First I have to say that I'm still fairly new to this forum, but have already learned a wealth of knowledge from the members. This site is an invaluable resource and I am very much appreciative I just got my new 5.5 month old Panther Chameleon from Kammerflage Kreations this weekend at the...
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