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  1. jpf

    Possibly burned chameleon

    Hello all, I noticed these black marks on my chameleons head recently, I was just wondering if these where burnes.
  2. jpf


    Hello! I've been working with my chameleon lately, trying to help her become hydrated. But, after days of misting, and watching her drink the water, her poops are still orange and her eyes are sunken. I mist the leaves with a hand sprayer, and have a auto mister that sprays every 2 hours (...
  3. jpf

    Big mistake....

    So I may have forgot about a few critters before I left for vacation......
  4. jpf

    Hurt Chameleon

    Hello all, so I was fixing my little lady's tank, and she was at the back. When I closed the tank door a stick got pushed(the one she was on) I heard a noise and saw her moving, she's green and crawling around, are there any signs that I pinched her? I'm really worried Edit: I dont even know IF...
  5. jpf


    Hello all, I was wondering if there is something I can do (other than hire someone) to keep my Chameleon fed and watered. I am going to Comic con and I don't know what I should do.
  6. jpf

    Possibly more problems

    Hello, is this bad?
  7. jpf

    Just purchased a Monsoon Multi

    Hello, I was just wondering if this was a good buy. I dont have time to mist my chameleon everyday with school and such. Just want what's best for her!
  8. jpf

    Just want to make sure I'm useing proper calcium supplements

    Hello all, I just had a question. So I dust my crickets with ReptiCalcium (Mon, Wed, Fri) and ReptiVite 3 times a month. Let me know if I need to do more or less.
  9. jpf

    Do I have too many pets?

    So we know this is completely unrelated to chameleons sort of... But I was just wondering if you guys said I had too many pets!
  10. jpf

    What do you think of my terrarium?

    Hello all, I was just wondering what all of you thought of my terrarium. Please give me some thoughts, cheers.
  11. jpf

    Possible upper respiratory infection

    Hello, my new baby Veild Chameleon seems to have some of the uri symptoms. She is making a cracking or poping noise, and she has her mouth open and there are some bubbles in there. Please tell me if I need to go to the vet. [Edit] I give her crickets as a staple diet, I dust the crickets with...
  12. jpf

    Chameleon feeding tip

    Hello, im new on the forums, I purchased a baby female Veiled Chameleon from Repticon. I was just wondering how many Crickets or Hornworms I need to feed her everyday.
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