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  1. shaneofall

    1,000 roach breeding bins $20 / San Diego pick up

    SOLD Trying to clear out today, so practically giving these guys away. I have 4 bins.
  2. shaneofall

    Hissing Roaches super sale! aprox. 10 cents each! Pick up only

    This is for pick up in the San Diego area (Oceanside) only. I will be selling well established breeding colonies with a bin and heat pad for $100 each. Each bin has over a thousand of all sizes, including 100+ adults breeding. Shipping is too expensive and risky for this many. (3) bins with...
  3. shaneofall

    Madagascar Hissing Roaches / mix size sale

    SALE ON MIXED SIZES (.25 inches to 2.5 inches) 25qty = $20 shipped / 50qty = $35 shipped / 100qty = $55 shipped! I am having way more luck breeding these guys than expected and will need to thin out the collection, hence the amazing prices. These prices reflect shipping to areas not freezing...
  4. shaneofall

    Madagascar Hissing Roaches .50 cents each!

    I am offering mix groups for .50 cents each to help thin out some groups. I have not offered for sale in a while and my website email was down, so my bins are bulging with roaches! These are large roaches, so only for the largest Chameleons.
  5. shaneofall

    Trioceros werneri and T. melleri group

    I have decided import Chameleons are too much work for what my family wants me to be spending time on, so I am getting out, and all Chameleons for now. I have a lone male T. werneri that has been in my care for a few months. He is $45 or $75 with cage and light. Pick up in Oceanside, CA...
  6. shaneofall

    new Hissing Roach Selection

    Gromphadorhina oblongonota (Wide-Horn Hisser) Medium: $4 each (50 available) Aeluropoda insignis (Flat Horn Hisser) Medium: $3 each (50 available) Gromphadorhina spp (Madagascar Hisser Hybrid) Normals small: $1 each medium: $1.25 each large: $1.50 each Black (these are dark to...
  7. shaneofall

    Madagascar Hissing Roach nymphs

    mix size, un-sexed nymphs (.25" - 1.5" mix) $1.00 each (for 50 qty or more) and $9 shipping I have sorted the breeders based on different traits (they are hybrids), please include what you prefer in request. These are the groups... typical: look like typical Madagascars and are mellow...
  8. shaneofall

    XL Madagascar Hissers (25 Adult pairs) trade or sale

    Looking to trade or sell in the San Diego area now, or when temps goes down I can ship. I have 25 adult pairs 2+ inches each Type: G. portentosa (most likely hybrids) $6 a pair (qty 7-15 pairs) $5 pair (qty 16-20 pairs) $4.50 pair (qty 21-25) (if you buy this many, extra males are a $1.50 ea...
  9. shaneofall

    T. melleri - 2 new sub-adults

    I picked up a couple more Melleri today listed as "Long term captives", and are maybe 18 inches and half the weight of my other Melleri, so very young. Not sure the history on them other than that. The one on the left fit an elongated stature, while the one on the right showed a much deeper...
  10. shaneofall

    Roach options for large Chameleons (melleri)

    So I have been doing investigation on large feeders to work with and my past experience was the fairly easy Dubia, but maybe a little small for what I want. I am looking at starting with a small handful of species and see what works out the best and/or have a constant variety. I am looking at...
  11. shaneofall

    Calumma parsonii quota of 300

    Have you guys seen the wild CITES import quotas updated yesterday for 2014? C. parsonii is listed at 300. So who is working on getting these in the US?
  12. shaneofall

    T. melleri shotgun treatment and establish plan

    Melleri treatment plan w pics So after some discussions here, reading up and with a history of doing this on other reptiles/amphibians in the past, I decided to go with this shotgun medication and import recovery plan. Figured with all the troubles of this species we should share as much as...
  13. shaneofall

    New Trioceros werneri pics

    The female / believe she lost the horn (not the horn-less locale)... Above shot, looks like she is ready... The male... male drinking... They did a LOT of drinking (distilled water), misted on the leaves. Is anyone working with these guys?
  14. shaneofall

    Melleri common disease in imports investigation

    Does anyone have confirmed parasite and/or bacteria in there T.melleri imports at any time or any articles with confirmed fecal? I am still continuing my investigation and "parasites" or "bacteria" are the common generalized terms used, but it would be nice to establish if some types of...
  15. shaneofall

    New Cage (hybrid of free range?)

    Looks like I need more plants, but otherwise a good size and practical for daily maintenance. Any recommendations are welcome. This is the second prototype and I will likely get about 8-9 more like this, for a room dedicated to T. melleri, so getting it right is really important to me. I...
  16. shaneofall

    Reptile UVB 200 26W for Meller's

    I am playing around with lighting options and picked up a Exo Terra Reptile UVB 200 "Intense URB Output" 26w cfl. Considering the depth of my set-up, but maybe 15" from highest basking spot, does anyone find any issues/advantages with this light?
  17. shaneofall

    My new Meller's from LLL Reptiles

    I am new here and back into reptiles after 5 years, so thought I would share my new addition and introduce myself. I was able to get it eating roaches on the second and third day in this cage... then in the video a pinky and handful of crickets on...
  18. shaneofall

    Anyone know of the "Gracile type" Meller's?

    I noticed this mentioned @ and she said they obtain 30 inches. Also, are importers sharing any of this data on recent imports?
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